Wednesday, September 7, 2022

1964 – Richert Romps Again in Lincoln

Jerry Richert scored an IMCA sprint car victory at the Nebraska State Fair. 

Lincoln, Neb. (September 7, 1964) – All track records that were not broken on Sunday’s program were busted during the Labor Day show, as IMCA sprint car drivers continued their assault against Nebraska timing devices.

The action took place on the finely manicured 5/8-mile dirt oval at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds.

Jerry Richert ended the record runs when he won the 25-lap main event. Don Brown, a young man in a hurry, took the lead at the green in the fourth annual “Al Chamberlain Sweepstakes” and appeared to be the victor.

Fate determined otherwise, however, as Brown drifted high in the first turn on lap 16 and Richert darted under him in a split-second for the lead.

The International Motor Contest Association point leader pulled away and won by five car lengths in front of Brown. Harold Leep, Greg Weld and Jerry Daniels rounded out the top five finishers.


Heat #1 – Jerry Richert
Heat #2 – Harvey Shane
Heat #3 – Kenny Higginson
Trophy dash – Harold Leep
Consolation – Don Brown
Feature –
1. Jerry Richert
2. Don Brown
3. Harold Leep
4. Greg Weld
5. Jerry Daniels
6. Dale Reed
7. Jerry Weld
8. Jay Woodside
9. Harvey Shane
10.Jerry Jones
11.Grady Wade
12.Kenny Higginson

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