2015 Silver Dollar Nationals


Sunday, July 5, 2015

1981 - Martin, Sauter capture Capital “50” features

Oregon, Wis.  (July 5, 1981) - Mark Martin and Jim Sauter, a pair of rising stars on the ARTGO racing circuit, each dominated the twin 50-lap feature races run during Sunday’s final day of Capital Super Speedway's Fourth of July weekend of racing. Approximately 4,500 race fans witnessed the action.

Watertown’s Pat Schauer took early control of the first feature, but Sauter of Necedah emerged from a tight bunch midway through the race to challenge for the lead. He accomplished that on the 35th lap, passing the fading Schauer.

Dick Trickle of Wisconsin Rapids, who, like Sauter, is experiencing a good season on state ovals, took advantage of Schauer's fading act to assume the second place position.

In the second feature, Martin, who hails from Batesville, Ark., and who holds the track record for the fastest lap, took the lead from Rockford, Ill., driver John Knaus on lap 11 and had little trouble the rest of the way.

Joe Shear of South Beloit, Ill., moved up to second place after claiming fifth in the first feature. Trickle managed a third place, while Knaus slipped back to the fourth spot.


Results –

Feature #1 -

1.     Jim Sauter, Necedah, Wis.
2.     Dick Trickle, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
3.     Pat Schauer, Watertown, Wis.
4.     Larry Detjens, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
5.     Joe Shear, South Beloit, Ill.

Feature #2 -

1.     Mark Martin, Batesville, Ark.
2.     Joe Shear, South Beloit, Ill.
3.     Dick Trickle, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
4.     John Knaus, Rockford Ill.
5.     Rusty Wallace, St. Louis, Mo.

Fast Qualifier: Mark Martin (18.602)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

1974 – Clean sweep by Schwader in Twin 100’s

Des Moines, Iowa (July 4, 1974) - Bill Schwader defied two racing superstitions Thursday night and won both ends of the Twin 100 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

According to local racing veterans, the color green and No.13 are taboo at races. Somebody had better tell Schwader.

The Riverside, Iowa native drove his green, number 13, 1971 Ford Torino to the checkered flag in both 100-lap features collecting $500 payouts in both before a crowd of 6,500.

Bad luck was a reality for Schwader for the first 25 laps as he failed to crack the top 10.

But by the halfway mark of the first 100-lap event, he had climbed to third place behind Ferris Collier and Gerry Harrison.

Then more luck headed Schwader's way as he overtook Harrison on lap 75. On lap 78 Schwader edged alongside Collier only to be tampered by a slower car, and fell to second.

On lap 80, Schwader bumped Collier going through the third turn. Collier and Schwader bounded into the infield and Harrison grabbed the lead momentarily. However, on the backstretch of the same lap, Schwader was able to power by Harrison for the lead. He would go untouched after that.

Schwader said he felt bad about his run-in with Collier on the 80th lap. "My wheels locked," he said, "and I just couldn't help it. I feel real bad about Ferris because we're good friends, but that's going to happen sometimes. That’s part of racing.”

"I slowed down after I hit him to see if he could catch up. I would have let him by. He didn't make it, so I just got back into the race.”

Gordon Blankenship was in command of the second race until hitting the wall in the third turn of the 61st lap. Schwader, who started in the seventh row and moved to third place by the eighth lap, took over and was not seriously challenged the remainder of the race.

Billy Myers finished second and Russ Derr of Keokuk, son of racing veteran Ernie, was third.

George Barton of Ankeny, one of the point leaders on the Saturday night circuit, recorded the fastest qualifying time turning the half-mile oval at 26.55 seconds. Barton was second until a flat tire caused him to pit on lap 39. Then he developed motor trouble, later in the race and finished seventh. He failed to repair his car in time for the second race.

Results –

Feature #1

  1. Bill Schwader, Riverside
  2. Bill Harrison, Topeka, Kan.
  3. Gary Lindgren, Ogden
  4. Jim Anderson, Kansas City, Mo.
  5. Billy Myers, Grand Island, Neb.
  6. Russ Derr, Keokuk
  7. Vern Mondry, Lake Elmo, Minn.
  8. Allen Chancellor, Buckner, Mo.
  9. Jim Hanson, Des Moines
  10. Gary Truelove, Trimble, Mo.

Feature #2

  1. Bill Schwader
  2. Shorty Acker, Windsor, Mo.
  3. Russ Derr
  4. Jim Still, Topeka, Kan.
  5. Jim Hanson
  6. Allen Chancellor
  7. Bland Robinson, Des Moines
  8. John Lavin, Berryton, Kan.
  9. Bill Harrison
  10. Gerry Harrison, Topeka, Kan.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

1969 - Morris wins fast main at Oskaloosa

Mel Morris
Oskaloosa, Iowa (July 2, 1969) – In a demonstration of driving skill and speed seldom equaled on the fast half-mile dirt track at the Southern Iowa Fairgrounds, Mel Morris held off a challenging John Moss to win the feature event of the super stock car program at Oskaloosa Wednesday night.

Drivers were turning the half-mile in just over 24 seconds as the West Liberty driver led 16 cars to a fast start in the 15-lap main event and held off some of the fastest drivers in the Midwest, including former Southern Iowa Racing Association champ John Moss of Riverside.

Moss challenged the leader on several occasions but was never more threatening than the thundering flight down the front stretch for the checkered flag when he made a last-second bid for the win.

Morris met the challenge, however, and held Big John to second place finish, gaining an even greater lead as top point holder going into next week’s mid-season championship competition.

Mel will rate top billing with his first place in point standings as drivers compete for a $1,800 purse next Wednesday night. Highlight of the S.I.R.A. mid-season championships will be a 30-lap feature event.

In the 5-lap trophy dash, traditional opening of the super stock card here, Del Stokke of Ames topped the field of 5 cars to claim his first trophy of the current season at Oskaloosa.

Ron Perdock of Washington and newcomer Lyle Behne of Moline, Ill., were side by side going into turn one in the first of three 8-lap heat events. Perdock made the turn and Behne cleared the fence as he went high.

John Moss took the lead from Slim Doonan of Brooklyn in the second lap of that event and held it to cross the finish line ahead of Tom Stewart, Washington, who placed second.

Newcomer Don Davidson of Des Moines suffered from car trouble on the first lap of the second heat event, but it didn’t compare with the woe felt by Joel Rasmussen of Ames as he lost a wheel and tie rod to a three-car tangle involving him, Bill Quick of North English and Curt Hanson of Dike.

Nor was Bill Hudson of Montezuma any too happy when he lost his driveshaft on the front stretch, was prevented from pulling into the pits when he was blocked by a slower car and then was plowed into by cars coming behind him between turns one and two.

Mel Morris was probably the only driver who was happy in the second heat, as he claimed the win from Pokey West of West Chester, who finished second.

Dan Clements of Rhoads won the uneventful third heat of the evening which gave fans a chance to catch their breath before the Australian Pursuit which followed.

After Tom Stewart and Pokey West tangled in turn three of lap 4 of that six-lap race, officials ruled Stewart could resume the place he held on the previous lap. An angry Mel Morris proceeded to pass all three cars remaining, including Stewart, as if to show his disapproval of the judge’s decision.

Of the 16 cars posted for the 10-lap consolation event, only 10 were able to make the track, and Bob McCall, Irvin Phillips and Jim Westercamp claimed the first three places in that race to qualify for the main.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today in Racing History

Jerry Suhr of Norfolk, Neb., won the modified A-main at his hometown track of Riviera Raceway on July 1, 1973. — Jim Ivy Photo

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1963 - Two New World's Stock Car Records Established at Belleville

Dick Hutcherson

Belleville, Kan. (June 30, 1963) - Two new world records for new model stock cars were established at the Jayhawk 100 races held in Belleville on Sunday afternoon before a capacity crowd.

Ernie Derr, the 1962 IMCA stock car national champion, set a new world mark for a half-mile track in the time trials with a one-lap speed of 24.50 seconds. This erased an old world mark established in 1954 by Bob Peterson at Salem, Ind. Derr knocked .33-one-hundredths of a second off the world record, which had been 24.83 seconds, Derr, of Keokuk, Iowa, was driving a 1963 Pontiac. The world record is for dirt and asphalt half-mile tracks.

Dick Hutcherson, Keokuk, Iowa also set a new world record for 100 laps on a half-mile track, as he won the feature event in 42:18.25. This record also had stood since 1954 and had been set at Salem, Ind., by Bob Peterson.

Hutcherson, currently in third place in the IMCA stock car standings in a 1963 Ford, and Ramo Stott, Keokuk, Iowa, driving a 1963 Plymouth and the current IMCA point leader, fought a duel for the 100 lap championship here Sunday.

After the inverted start Stott in front and held that position to the 38th lap with Hutcherson right on his tail. On the 38th lap Hutcherson jumped into the lead for two laps then Stott pulled back in front.

On the 42nd lap Hutcherson grabbed the lead for good to go on and win the race, with his and Stott's car never more than a car length apart.

Lenny Funk of Otis, Kan., driving a 1963 Ford held third place all through the race. Fourth place finisher was John Mickey, Columbus Junction, Iowa, in a 1963 Pontiac and Ernie Derr, 1963 Pontiac finished fifth.

Hutcherson and Stott lapped everyone in the field one-lap with the exception of Funk, the third place finisher.

The race was exceptionally trouble free, as only two cars failed to finish out of the 13 starters.

Ramo Stott, 1963 Plymouth, won the first 10-lap heat race following the time trials and Hutcherson won the second. Newt Bartholomew, Carlisle, Iowa, driving a 1963 Plymouth won the six-lap consolation race

Eight of the top 10-stock car drivers in the standings were present for the event here Sunday for non-money winners, which preceded the 100-lap feature event.