Sunday, September 14, 2014

1958 - Nelson Stacy Wins Dayton 500

John Marcum (l) presents Nelson Stacy with the trophy after winning the 1958 Dayton 500. - ARCA Racing Photo

Dayton, Ohio (September 14, 1958) - Nelson Stacy, Cincinnati, Ohio, piloted his 1957 Chevrolet to victory in the sixth annual Dayton 500 Sunday afternoon, after staving off repeated challenges by Darel Dieringer, Indianapolis, in a '57 Ford, who finished second.

An estimated 15,000 spectators saw the MARC sanctioned stock car race for new cars on the famed half-mile high-banked asphalt.

The 500 laps (270 miles, as track is several yards over a half- mile) were relatively accident-free and no injuries were sustained; however, several drivers asked for relief during the weary grind.

Jack Bowsher, Springfield, Ohio, '57 Ford was third; Dick Dunlevy, Dayton, Ohio, and Jack Shanklin, Indianapolis, co-pilots of 1957 Chevy was fourth and the Dudley Stacy '57 Chevy of Cincinnati, Ohio, with Bob James, the Dick Latham relief driving came in fifth.

Dudley became ill on 167th lap and Bob James took over while his car was getting a broken shock and U-bolt replaced. Several laps later James pitted the Stacy car and jumped back into his repaired mount and Dick Latham a non-starter took it the rest of the way, doing a fine job.

Nelson Stacy, on the pole gunned into the first lap lead with Dieringer coming from fourth to second - and for 339 laps it was a tremendous duel between the two. The lead changed between them an even dozen times with Dieringer in possession of a lap and a half lead when the right front tire “let go”.

On the pit stop Dieringer got tire, gas and oil but lost lead to Stacy by two laps, this he could not regain as Stacy kept the advantage to the checkered flag. Nearly exhausted Stacy received the huge trophy and cash in excess of $2,000 for his ride.

Shanklin, the 1957 winner, lead footed two cars out of action before relieving Dunlevy. His own racer went 60 laps and was in third place when a busted radiator couldn't be repaired. On lap 157
Willie Holt, Cincinnati, Ohio, running in fourth asked for relief and Shanklin took over shoving it into third place several laps later, but then pulled in with no oil pressure; and when Dunlevy asked for rest Shanklin was nominated.

Jack Farris, New Paris, Ohio, did not start the race, his engine going sour after making his successful qualifying run. Farris won the event in 1955 and 1956.

Iggy Katona, Lambertville, Mich., the 1953 winner, finished out of the first five. Twenty-eight cars started, 11 were running at the end. Tiny Shilts, New Paris, Ohio, in '57 Chevy was riding in 10th when forced out with a broken valve cover bolt on lap 282.

Results –

1.      Nelson Stacy
2.      Darel Dieringer
       3.      Jack Bowsher
4.      Dick Dunlevy
5.      Dudley Stacy
6.      Carl O’Harold
       7.      Iggy Katona
8.      Paul Wensink
9.      Harold Smith
10.  Clyde Parker
11.  Virgil Barbee
12.  John McGinley
13.  Homer Newland
14.  Bob Coutcher
15.  Louis Savajaine
16.  Tom Horner
17.  Tiny Shilts
18.  Willie Holt
19.  Chuck Morgan
20.  Bob James
21.  Chester Williams
22.  Cecil Wray
23.  Kenny Reeder
24.  Ervin Payne
25.  Jack Shanklin

Thursday, September 11, 2014

1977 - Stott captures Governor’s Cup 250

West Allis, Wis. (September 11, 1977) - Ramo Stott of Keokuk, Iowa, took his final lead on the 195th lap Sunday and won the Governor's Cup 250-mile stock car race at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Speedway.

Stott, driving a 1977 Plymouth Volare, averaged 88.202 miles per hour to cross the - finish line four seconds ahead of Paul Feldner of Richfield, Wis., who drove a 1974 Dodge Charger.

Stott won $6,727 and moved into second place in the United States Auto Club point’s standings behind Feldner, who leads the standings with 1,525 points. Stott has 1,425. Jim Sauter of Necedah, Wis., was third in a 1974 Charger and Al Schill of Franklin, Wis., finished fourth in a 1976 Ford Torino in his first USAC race.

Dave Watson, winner of two of the first three USAC stock car races at Milwaukee this season and Sunday’s polesitter, ran only 112 laps in his 1977 Buick Skylark before being sidelined with a broken crankshaft.

Sal Tovella of Addison, Ill., who had been tied with Feldner for the points lead prior to Sunday's race, completed only 80 laps before blowing an engine.

The race was slowed by 10 yellow flags and 17 of the 31 starters did not finish. Stott was content to sit back and let other drivers lead in the early going.

“There was a point earlier in the race where I could have taken the lead, but I didn’t want it,” Stott said. “I figured right then, with about 200 miles to go, it was too soon to be up there. So I sat back and let those other guys pass me. I let them run their cars hard, while I hung back a bit.”

“I figured the race wouldn’t be decided until the last 50 laps, and if you were around then, you'd have a shot at winning it.”

Results –

  1. Ramo Stott
  2. Paul Feldner
  3. Jim Sauter
  4. Al Schill
  5. Larry Moore
  6. Wayne Watercutter
  7. Don Seaborn
  8. Dean Roper
  9. Gordon Blankenship
  10. Darwin Sandstrom
  11. George Giesen
  12. M.J. McBride
  13. Ken Miller
  14. Dale Koehler
  15. Don White
  16. Tom Schley
  17. Bob Schacht
  18. Jim Hurlburt
  19. Jeff Bloom
  20. Dave Watson
  21. Bay Darnell
  22. Tom Meinberg
  23. Jack Bowsher
  24. Sal Tovella
  25. Harold Fair
  26. Dave Decker
  27. Rich Clement
  28. Tom Bigelow
  29. Charlie Glotzbach
  30. Bob Brevak

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1964 – Hutcherson garners feature win after hotly-contested battle at Huron

Huron, S.D. (September 10, 1964) - Most people conceded that it would be too much to ask for a repeat of the 1963 bumper-to-bumper duel between Ramo Stott and Dick Hutcherson for a full 100 laps in late model stock car competition when the 1964 100-lap event was held at the State Fair track Thursday night.

But the two Keokuk, Iowa drivers came close to doing just that as they battled for 72 laps before a broken axle forced Stott to slump off the pace. Hutcherson, the IMCA point leader and defending champion, roared on to win Thursday night's big feature race with a record-shattering time of 46:14.35. This broke the track mark of 47:10.18 set by Stott last year when he zoomed past Hutcherson on the final straightaway to win the 1963 sizzler.

The victory was the 23rd feature win this season for Hutcherson and was viewed by another huge crowd as auto racing once again provided a major portion of the grandstand receipts at the State Fair.

However Hutcheron's win came only after some hard, brilliant driving as he and Stott set a torrid pace over the Huron track. After Stott was forced to slow down by the broken axle Ernie Derr, five-time national champ, applied the pressure to Hutcherson and finished second only two and one-half seconds back of the winner. Lenny Funk of Otis, Kan., was third with Stott limping home fourth. Gil Haugen of Sioux Falls was fifth after suffering mechanical difficulties in the preliminary events.

Stott held the lead for most of the first 70 laps but Hutcherson was only a car length or less behind much of the way. Hutcherson held momentary leads on the back-stretch in the 38th and 53rd laps but leads were by just inches and were short-lived.

On the 66th lap Hutcherson fell back about five car lengths but on the number two turn in the 70th lap both he and Derr slipped past Stott as slower cars caused some congestion. Then on the 72nd turn Stott hit a rough bump that had been causing the drivers problems all night and the broken axle resulted which forced him out of contention.

Derr drove a steady pace hoping to come on strong and catch Hutcherson at the finish should the leader falter but the defending national champ kept up his sizzling pace to take the checkered flag.

Derr posted the best clocking in the time trials with a 28.45 effort. The time trials because of an excess of water which was required after a sparsely - attended afternoon horse show tore up the track.

Feature results –

1. Dick Hutcherson, Keokuk, Iowa
2. Ernie Derr, Keokuk, Iowa
3. Lenny Funk, Otis, Kan.
4. Ramo Stott, Keokuk, Iowa
5. Gil Haugen, Sioux Falls, S.D.
6. Bob Jusola, Mound, Minn.
7. Blackie Wangerin, Minneapolis
8. Dick Johnson, St. Paul
9. Ken Mattson, Minneapolis
10. Art Schmidt, St. Paul, Minn.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

1972 – Sauter holds off Jusola for State Fair win

St. Paul, Minn. (September 6, 1972) – An early crash sent the pre-race favorite to the sidelines and mechanical difficulties sent front running Tom Reffner of Rudolph, Wis., into the pits.

So Jim Sauter of Necedah, Wis., took the lead from Reffner on the 232nd lap and held off the persistent challenge of Bob Jusola, Burnsville, Minn., to win the North Star 500-lap race for IMCA late model stock cars Monday.

A crowd of 11,107 watched the racing windup at the Minnesota State Fair.

Sauter's winning time was 3 hours, 28 minutes and 35 seconds and he collected $3,250 in prize money. Jusola, who finished 9.2 seconds and about a half a lap behind Sauter won $1,800 for his runner-up finish while Ernie Derr of Keokuk, Iowa, was third and won $1,500, followed by Mert Williams, Rochester, Minn., who won $1,000. Ron Hutcherson, Keokuk, Iowa, came in fifth and won $800.

Only 16 of the 40 starting cars finished the race. A seven-car accident at the end of the first lap eliminated pre-race favorite Bud Helm, Littleton, Colo. The other six cars resumed the race but the yellow caution flag was up for seven laps.

It went up again for two laps when Marv Marzofka, Nekoosa, Wis., blew an engine on the 13th lap and had a minor collision. He had set a track qualifying record of 21.62 seconds around the half-mile oval. The yellow flag went up again for 14 laps when Russ Ebert, Pequot Lakes, Minn., crashed into the concrete retaining wall on the 340th lap.

Ebert appeared to be only shaken up.

Friday, September 5, 2014

1971 - Earl Tice wins Boone feature race

Boone, Iowa (September 5, 1971) - A recent change to a bigger engine - a 427 cubic inch Chevrolet - paid off for Earl Tice, Ames, Sunday night as he won his first super late model feature of the year at the Boone Speedway.

Taking the lead from Dwight Engleen, Ogden, Tice held off challenges from Engleen and Gene Schattschneider, Algona, who took over second. Earlier in the season Tice had been running a 350 cubic inch engine in his Chevelle.

The weather changed the weekend of racing planned at the Boone oval. The regular Saturday night program was washed out by showers, and it was moved to Sunday night.

Denny Hovinga, Laurens, didn't have one of his better nights Sunday, but he ran strong enough to wrap up the season championship in points, beating out Schattschneider by 185 points.

Hovinga set the fast time of the night, 17.86 seconds, and Schattschneider was second. Hovinga was sixth in the trophy dash, with Schattschneider third. The Algona driver won his heat race, while Hovinga was seventh in the heat. Schattschneider also took the A-Main, while Hovinga was second in the B-Main. Schattschneider was second in the feature, with Hovinga fourth.

Tice also won his heat race, getting past another Ames driver, Rod Houge, in the number two turn of the next-to-last lap to take the lead. Another Ames driver, Del McDowall, was third, and Curt Houge, Rod's older brother, from Ames, was fifth. John Carlson, Ankeny, was fourth.

In the trophy dash Engleen jumped out into the lead early and held the groove to take that win, with McDowall running second.

The A-Main was the closest race of the night as Schattschneider worked his way from the tail-end of the pack to the front, taking the lead with a lap an a half to go. Carlson held the lead until that point. Also challenging him for the top spot were Greg Davis, Boone, Tice and McDowall, who finished third through fifth, respectively.

In the B-Main, Engleen took an early lead and won by a quarter of a lap. Hovinga jumped past Gary Lindgren, Ogden, in the final quarter of a lap to take second. Lindgren was driving an Ames car, the Star 60.

Results –

Fast Time – Denny Hovinga, Laurens, Iowa (17.86)
Trophy Dash – Dwight Engleen, Ogden, Iowa
Heat 1 – Earl Tice, Ames, Iowa
Heat 2 – Gene Schattschneider, Algona, Iowa
A-Main – Gene Schattschneider
B-Main – Dwight Engleen
Feature –

  1. Earl Tice
  2. Gene Schattschneider
  3. Dwight Engleen
  4. Denny Hovinga
  5. Arlo Dorenbush
  6. Greg Davis, Boone, Iowa

Thursday, September 4, 2014

1977 - Curt Hansen runs away with championship 50-lapper

Waterloo, Iowa (September 4, 1977) - Curt Hansen of Dike breezed to his third stock car track championship of the season Sunday night at Tunis Speedway. Hansen, the Tunis late model regular season point leader, started the 50-lap title race on the inside first row, jumped out to a big lead early and was never challenged.

Runner-up Stan Stover of Reinbeck finished a full straightaway behind Hansen at the end of the race. Only five cars finished on the same lap as Hansen.

Hansen has also captured the track titles at Cedar Rapids’ Hawkeye Downs and the State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. He’s also the favorite to win the Oskaloosa championship, which hasn’t been run yet.

Stover also finished second to Hansen in the Des Moines championship Saturday night.

Sportman point leader Greg Kastli also won his class' season title Sunday night.

Hansen shouldn’t have as easy a time of it when he goes for his eighth Tunis main event win of the season in Monday night's late model special.

Track promoter Claus Stricker says “a bunch” of new cars have indicated they’ll be in Waterloo Monday night to compete for a $6,200 purse, including $1,500 plus lap money to win the 75-lap feature.

Also, a couple of the top track regulars who were missing Sunday night have told Stricker they’ll be back for Monday night. Both Ed Sanger and Bill Zwanziger, the only repeat feature winners at Tunis this year besides Hansen, were racing out-of-state Sunday night

Sanger, who owns and maintains Hansen’s car, was trying his newly-built stock car on an asphalt race track in Minnesota.

Another Tunis regular, Tom Bartholomew, is out with injuries sustained at the Boone Speedway Friday night. Bartholomew, who suffered a broken vertebra in his back, was on hand to watch Sunday's races.

Dan Nesteby, Dick Schiltz, Karl Sanger and Denny Osborn finished third through sixth, respectively, and on the same lap as Hansen.

Tim McDonough of Cedar Rapids worked his way up to seventh while Roger Klingfus finished eighth in Tom Moore's sportsman car. Klingfus’ late model suffered mechanical problems early in the evening.

Kastli’s pre-race strategy almost backfired.

Since he was the point-leader, he had the option of starting on the inside or outside of the front row. He chose the outside, putting second leading sportsman money-winner Mike Krall on the inside.

Krall ran in first for the initial eight laps before Kastli got around him and went on for a convincing victory in the 30-lap event. Krall finished second with Larry Schmidt third and Moore fourth.

Both late model heats were close. Dave Trower nipped Jack Mitchell in the first 10-lapper while Karl Sanger, driving his brother Ed’s old car, held off a Hansen charge in the second heat.

Wayne Hesse, Fuzzy Liddell and Krall won sportsman preliminaries

Results -

Late Model –

1.      Curt Hansen
2.      Stan Stover
3.      D. Arthur Nesteby
4.      Dick Schiltz
5.      Karl Sanger
6.      Denny Osborn
7.      Tim McDonough
8.      Roger Klingfus
9.      Dave Trower
10.  Jim Buhlman

 Sportsman -

1.      Greg Kastli
2.      Mike Krall
3.      Larry Schmidt
4.      Tom Moore
5.      John Weers
6.      Fuzzy Liddell
7.      Craig Haupt
8.      Don Lake

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1973 – Utz’s Dominance Broken by Dosher’s Triumph

Thad Dosher

Lincoln, Neb. (September 2, 1973) - Defending champion Thad Dosher broke up Bill Utz’s dominance Monday in the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) races at this Nebraska State Fair.

Dosher took the lead on the 17th lap and went on to win the 30 lap feature race with Utz, who won the features on Saturday and Sunday, finished fifth.

“This was a great emotional win for me,” Dosher said. “I hadn't won a point race since July when I took one in Wichita, Kan.

Dosher is the leading driver in the IMCA point standings, while Utz has advanced from 19th to third in the past few weeks.

Going into Monday's races Dosher unofficially had 1,920 points with second place Gene Gennetten next with 1,785 and Utz third with 1,735. After Monday's races Dosher unofficially had 2,090, Genetten 1,925, and Utz 1,800.

Genetten won a heat race and was second to Dosher and a feature Monday, while Utz was second and third he besides his fifth place showing in the feature.

The rain on Sunday night and early Monday morning didn't affect the track like most drivers anticipated according to Dosher.

“The track was a lot drier than we thought it would be,” Topeka, Kan., resident remarked. “So, we changed gears after I won the second heat to a higher ratio.”

Putting a new master cylinder on the brakes was also credited by Dosher for helping him win.

“After I took the lead in the feature I just wanted to hold my position and not take any unnecessary chances.”

Results –

First Heat: Gene Gennetten, Gladstone, Mo.
Second Heat: Thad Dosher, Topeka, Kan.
Third Heat: Earl Wagner, Pleasantville, Iowa
Trophy Dash: Ray Lee Goodwin, Kansas City, Mo.
Consolation: Ray Lee Goodwin

  1. Thad Dosher
  2. Gene Genetten
  3. Earl Wagner
  4. Ralph Blackett, Des Moines, Iowa
  5. Bill Utz, Sedalia, Mo.
  6. Bill Robinson, Topeka, Kan.
  7. Ray Lee Goodwin
  8. Ken McCarty, Kansas City, Mo.
  9. Don Droud, Lincoln, Neb.
  10. Gary Scott, Holts Summit, Mo.