Friday, September 2, 2022

1954 – Slater Cops South Dakota Finale

Bob Slater is congratulated by South Dakota Attorney General Ralph Dunham after winning the South Dakota State Fair 20-lap feature race. 

Huron, S.D. (September 2, 1954) – Young Bob Slater of Kansas City pushed his blue and yellow Randol Offy to first place in the 20-lap feature on Tuesday afternoon as South Dakota State Fair ended a two-day stand.

Slater avenged his loss on Monday to Jimmy Campbell, who ran second to him on Tuesday. Slater’s time for the 10-miler was 9 minutes and 51.25 seconds. The former midget pilot lapped everyone in the field except for Campbell.

Finishing behind Slater and Campbell were Don Branson of Champaign, Ill., Phil Mocca of St. Louis and Herschel Wagner of Hickman Hills, Mo.

No time trials were run except for Dean Woolheater of Des Moines, Iowa, who did not time trial on Monday. He was clocked at 30.04 seconds in his car powered with a DeSoto Fire Dome eight-cylinder.

Slater and Campbell made an assault on the track record, however. Monday, Campbell had tied the mark of 24.85 seconds for one lap, held by Deb Snyder.

Tuesday, Slater turned a 25.25 lap while Campbell was in 24.86 seconds – a hundredth of a second over the mark.

Clocked “unofficially” in warmups, Campbell, the Bates City, Mo., farmer, turned a 24.75 second lap.

Results –

Inaugural Dash – Jimmy Campbell
National Speedway Dash – Bob Slater
American Triumph Dash – Jim Wegescheider
International Handicap – Phil Mocca
Consolation – Verne Bradley
Midwest Sweepstakes –
1. Bob Slater, Kansas City
2. Jimmy Campbell, Bates City, Mo.
3. Don Branson, Champaign, Ill.
4. Phil Mocca, St. Louis
5. Herschel Wagner, Hickman Hills, Mo.
6. Bobby Grim, Indianapolis
7. Jud Larson, Austin, Tex.
8. Red Hoyle, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
9. Fritz Tegtmeier, Elgin, Ill.
10.Buss Luce, Russellville, Ky.

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