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1950 – Draper Cops 50-Lap Main at Hawkeye


Cedar Rapids, Iowa (September 4, 1950) – There was more than track fence missing than there was standing at Hawkeye Downs following the “quarter – half” racing program on Monday afternoon.

With a field of 40 cars competing on both the quarter and half-mile tracks, accident followed accident throughout the afternoon.

Jerry Draper, Carbon Cliff, Ill., who started 17th in the field of 18 cars, won the Varns and Hunter trophy with his victory in the 50-lap championship feature. Robert “Doc” Narber of Cedar Rapids was closing fast but was unable to catch the flying Draper who set a fast pace and won in the time of 27 minutes and 55 seconds.

George Miller, Cedar Rapids, was one of a half-dozen cars to rip through the fence and land in the ditch off the half-mile dirt oval. Miller was running in third place only two laps from home when he crashed.

Howard Purvis, Iowa City, was another “crash loser”, He was leading the semi-main until he piled his car into the fence on lap 18.

The semi-main had more than its share of mishaps as Bill Swails and Tom Kinney, both of Burlington, ripped into the fence in almost the same spot on the east turn while Jim Jarvis, also of Burlington, went through in another spot moments later.

The “quarter -half” racing program proved to be among the most popular events of the season at Hawkeye Downs with a crowd of more than 4,000 in attendance.

Fred Frazier, Davenport, won the accident-ridden semi-main, one of the events that had to be restarted when a multi-car pileup blocked the track.

Results –

(Heats were run 5 laps on the quarter mile and 5 laps on the half-mile)

Heat #1 – Bob Hudson, Iowa City
Heat #2 – Jerry Draper, Carbon Cliff, Ill.
Heat #3 – Jack Archer, Burlington
Semi – main (10-10) Fred Frazier, Davenport
Feature – (50 laps on the half)
1. Jerry Draper
2. Doc Narber, Cedar Rapids
3. Buck Lorber, Davenport
4. Norman Sayres, Burlington
5. Bob Janey, Marion
6. Fred Frazier
7. Wayne Lee, Burlington
8. Jack Archer
9. George Miller, Cedar Rapids
10.Cliff Cox, Moline, Ill.
11.Dick Cox, Tipton
12.Les Wolken, Springville
13.Bill Salow, Cedar Rapids
14.Shorty Martin, Tipton
15.Charlie Moffitt, Tipton
16.Bob Hudson
17.Jim Hannah, Burlington
18.Bob Gus, Davenport

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