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1973 – Miller 200 To Hartman

Larry "Butch" Hartman

West Allis, Wis. (July 8, 1973) - Neither 90-degree-plus heat nor brake failure could stop Butch Hartman, the so-called “cheese champion’ who scored one of his infrequent victories in Sunday’s Miller 200 mile late-model stock car race.

Hartman, who won the United States Auto Club stock car point title last year without winning a race, took the lead Sunday with 29 miles left on the one-mile State Fair Park oval. He held it the rest of the way, averaging 90.314 miles per hour in his Dodge Charger, and earned $10,165.

Don White of Keokuk, Iowa, led from the 79th to the 130th lap before taking a pit stop. He regained the lead on lap 132 and held it until his Charger blew an engine and hit a wall on lap 165.

That gave the lead to Roger McCluskey of Tucson, Ariz. But he had to stop because of a flat tire on lap 171. Hartman grabbed the lead at that point and breezed to victory despite having no brakes.

“My brakes started going after the first 50 miles and for the last 100 miles, I didn’t have any brakes at all,” the South Zanesville, Ohio, veteran said.

“But the car handled so well that I could still go deep in the corners, turning the wheels to slide around,” Hartman said. “I told my crew it was a hard way to do it, but the way the car handled I should leave the brakes off next time."

The race was slowed by several yellow lights. Driver Johnny Rutherford was overcome by the heat and high humidity, but Hartman said it didn’t bother him.

McCluskey finished second in a Plymouth Roadrunner, while H. B. Bailey of Houston was third in a Pontiac Firebird. Ramo Stott, Keokuk, Iowa, was fourth in a Dodge Charger and Jack Bowsher of Springfield, Ohio, fifth in a Ford Torino.

Bowsher had the pole position after having qualified Saturday at 106.509 miles per hour.

Hartman, whose victory here was in first in several tries the past five years, said the “cheese champion” reputation irritates him at times.

“People don't realize I’m finishing well and getting the points,” he said. “I’d rather have eight seconds than only one first. I’ve led a lot here but never won because something happened.”

The most serious of six accidents occurred when the car of Bob Brevak, Ashland, Wis., caught fire in the pits.

Crewmen Paul Goeppert of Racine and Bill Wood of Milwaukee were released after treatment at Milwaukee Count General Hospital for second-degree burns to arms and legs.

Results –

1. Butch Hartman
2. Roger McCluskey
3. H.B. Bailey
4. Ramo Stott
5. Jack Bowsher
6. Norm Nelson
7. Irv Janey
8. Paul Feldner
9. Larry Moore
10.Larry Berwanger
11.Terry Ryan
12.Bay Darnell
13.John Schultz
14.A.J. Moldenhauer
15.Bill Gardner
16.Ray Bolander
17.Harold Fair
18.Frank Freda
19.Dean Roper
20.Joe Booher
21.M.J. McBride
22.Art Bormet
23.Mickey Flora
24.Leroy Austin
25.Darwin Sandstrom
26.Don White
27.Steve Drake
28.J.J. Smith
29.Sal Tovella
30.Tom Klippel
31.Dick Beinlich
32.Harry Cooper
33.Jigger Sirois
34.Bob Brevak
35.Jim Tobin
36.Jim Hurtubise
37.John Reimer
38.Dave Whitcomb

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