Wednesday, July 14, 2021

1968 – Gerber Wins at Start, Finish

Jim Gerber receives the checkers from starter Skip Chick after winning at East Moline. 

East Moline, Ill. (July 14, 1968) – It wasn’t his choice to make, so Jim Gerber graciously accepted the pole position and led from start to finish last night to win the 50-lap midseason championship stock car race at Quad City Raceway.

Gerber was second in point standings prior to the Sunday night show. The point leader, Ron Weedon of Pleasant Valley, elected to start outside in the front row, hoping to beat Gerber into the first turn. He didn’t quite make it.

The start of the race was perfect as Gerber, from Mt. Joy, and Weedon hit the line wheel-to-wheel. They ran that way through the first and second turns and down the backstretch.

Then, going through the third and fourth turns, Gerber, running under Weedon, nosed ahead as Weedon slipped out of his groove momentarily. They ran that way the rest of the way for the remainder of the feature.

Don Dane of Peoria, Ill., Dean Montgomery of Milan, Ill., and Don Bitner of Peoria, Ill., were heat winners.

Terry Ryan of Davenport also led from wire to wire in winning the 30-lap midseason novice title

Results –

1. Jim Gerber, Long Grove, Iowa
2. Ron Weedon, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
3. Don Bitner, Peoria, Ill.
4. Shorty Bennett, Moline, Ill.
5. Dean Montgomery, Milan, Ill.
6. Ray Guss, Milan, Ill.
7. Bob Stogdell, Rock Island, Ill
8. Mike Bardoel, Moline, Ill.
9. Denny Anton, East Moline, Ill.
10.Harold Melvin, Moline, Ill.

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