Thursday, July 21, 2022

1959 – Grand Forks ‘100’ to Hutcherson


Grand Forks, N.D. (July 21, 1959) – Ernie Derr grabbed an early lead and held it until the 35th circuit when his engine blew. Bob Kosiskie, driving a Thunderbird, moved into the lead, and held off the threat of Darrell Dake until the lap 90, when a front wheel broke on the backstretch. Dake inherited the lead until he spun a third of a lap later, almost rolling his car in the process.

When Dake spun, Hutcherson, running fourth, sped around Lenny Funk and moved into the lead. He held strong the remaining nine laps to take the checkered flag in the 100-lap afternoon contest.

Hutcherson displayed heads up driving when he grabbed the lead from his fourth position at the time of the wheel failure to race leader Kosiskie and Dake’s spinout.

Results –

1. Dick Hutcherson
2. Lenny Funk
3. Scott Cain
4. Frank Richards
5. Darrell Dake
6. Sonny Morgan
7. Newt Bartholomew
8. Ralph Wilhelm
9. Roland Wilson
10. Bob Kosiskie
11. Ken Schultz
12. Jerry Draper
13. Pete Van Oudenhoven
14. Mert Williams
15. Ernie Derr
16. Buzz McCann

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