Tuesday, June 29, 2021

1969 – McCluskey Wins Memphis 200

Roger McCluskey

Memphis, Tenn. June 29, 1969) – Roger McCluskey of Tucson, Ariz., powered his 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner to victory Sunday in the sun-scorched Memphis 200 stock car race at Shelby International Speedway.

McCluskey overtook five-time United States Auto Club champion A.J. Foyt of Houston, Tex., with less than 3 mile to go in the $20,000 event, staged in temperatures nearly 100 degrees.

With the victory, McCluskey picked up 100 points to add to his first-place hold in the USAC stock car standings.

Foyt held the lead from the start of the race except for a brief six-lap period when McCluskey charged and caught him, setting up a see-saw battle three-quarters through the race.

Foyt, a three-time Indianapolis 500 winner, shot past McCluskey on the 96th circuit of the 118-lap contest and opened up a lead of almost a full minute on the 1.7 mile course.

Foyt was rounding the sixth turn on the narrow, winding strip with victory only two full laps ahead when he blew a tire and ha to nurse his Ford Torino back to the pit area.

McCluskey moved back into the lead and held it for the checkered flag. He averaged 78.03 miles per hour, over the 200-mile course.

Results –

1. Roger McCluskey
2. A.J. Foyt
3. Don White
4. Butch Hartman
5. Jack Bowsher
6. Terry Nichels
7. J.J. Smith
8. Paul Feldner
9. Glen Bradley
10.Jim Perry
11.Fred Zack
12.Dale Koehler
13.Dick Beinlich
14.Bill Shirley
15.Roger Regeth
16.Don Hill
17.George Rondelli
18.Ray Bolander
19.Bob Haack
20.Parnelli Jones
21.Ed Hoffman
22.Gene Marmor
23.Rabon Hinkle
24.Dave Whitcomb
25.Ron Goodrow
26.Verlin Eaker

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