Saturday, February 15, 2020

1970 – Stott wins Daytona ARCA

Ramo Stott is joined by his wife Judy and ARCA owner John Marcum after winning the 300-miler. 

Daytona, Fla. (February 15, 1970) - A Keokuk, Iowa, driver - Ramo Stott - wrestled the lead away from 54-year-old Iggy Katona in the final three laps Sunday to win the ARCA 300 stock car race at Daytona International Speedway.

With only seven miles remaining in the race, Bobby Watson of Prestonsburg, Ky., was running second and Stott third with a bare car length separating the three.

Katona blew a tire on his 1969 Dodge and went into a wild spin. Stott took advantage of the situation to scream past both Katona and Watson and take the lead.

Stott, 33, then beat Watson across the finish line moments later to win the closest finish in seven of these high-speed chases at Daytona for drivers of the Midwest-centered Auto Racing Club of America.

It was the first victory for one of Chrysler’s new winged Plymouth “Superbird.” Watson drove a similarly – designed Dodge Daytona.

Stott's time for the race was 2 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds for an average of 142.086 miles per hour. The victory was worth $5,900.

Results –

1. Ramo Stott
2. Bobby Watson
3. Ron Grana
4. Louis Wusterhausen
5. Iggy Katona
6. Hank Teeters
7. Les Snow
8. Bill Clemons
9. John Sommerville
10. Blackie Wangerin
11. Buck Newland
12. Joe Booher
13. Bob Thomas
14. Red Farmer
15. Hoss Ellington
16. Armon Smith
17.Larry Ashley
18. Hubert West
19. Dave Sorg
20. Dick May
21. Wayne Trinkle
22. Phil Ploughe
23. Benny Parsons
24. Paul Wensink
25. Coo Coo Marlin
26. Paul Feldner 
27. Bill Kimmel 
28. Jim Scott
29. Leroy Austin
30. Charlie Paxton
31. Andy Hampton 
32. Dick Trickle
33. Len Blanchard 
34. Dave Dayton
35. Joy Fair 
36. Jerry Churchill
37. Frank Utterback
38. Ronnie Daniel 
39. Larry Baumel 
40. John Anderson

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