Friday, June 28, 2019

1959 – Branson Wins at New Bremen

Eddie Sachs (front, right) and Don Branson (front, left) bring the field to green at New Bremen Speedway. Branson would take the win while Sachs finished third.

New Bremen, Ohio (June 28, 1959) - Don Branson, of Champaign, Ill., kept on his winning ways at the New Bremen Speedway Sunday with a remarkable win in the 30-lap feature and a second in the first 8-lap heat race.

Branson, who leads in point standings in the United States Auto Club with three victories, set a track record of 10 minutes and 42 seconds for 30-laps.

Branson repeated his victory of a year ago at the speedway, by gunning his way from number two spot and leading all the way. By the middle of the feature, he had lapped the entire field with the exception of six cars.

With 15 cars in the feature, and a heavy wind throughout the entire race he drove a skillful race and was never in trouble.

Jim McWithey, piloting the Cheesman Offy placed second and Eddie Sachs, last year's Midwest sprint champion, finished third. Jim Packard followed in fourth, A.J. Foyt, fifth, Bud Tingelstad, sixth, Tommy Hinnershitz, seventh, Ed Elisian, eighth, Bobby Grim, ninth, and Ronnie Duman, tenth.

With a purse of $5,000, the top drivers of the USAC organization flocked to the speedway for a cut of the winnings.

McWithey topped all the drivers in the qualification runs with a speedy time of 19:91 seconds for the fast half-mile track. McWithey had the same car that Sachs drove to the 1958 championship and also set the track record of 19:483.

The race was accident free, with the exception of Jud Larson, of Tampa, Fla., who grazed the wall in the second heat race and smashed the tail of his car.

Last year Jimmie Davis was killed at the track when Ed Elisian accidentally hit his car.

Results –

1. Don Branson
2. Jim McWithey
3. Eddie Sachs
4. Jim Packard
5. A.J. Foyt
6. Bud Tinglestad
7. Tommy Hinnershitz
8. Ed Elisian
9. Bobby Grim
10. Ronnie Duman
11. Chuck Weyant
12. Jim Hemmings
13. Tom McClellan
14. Jerry Richard
15. Al Miller

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