Friday, August 28, 2020

1966 – Stott beats Derr at State Fair

Ramo Stott accepts the STP trophy from IMCA secretary Bill Hitz as flagman Larry Shipley presents the checkers.

Des Moines, Iowa (August 28, 1966) - Ramo Stott of Keokuk drove his 1966 Plymouth to a record breaking victory Sunday night in the 250-lap late-model stock car feature before a crowd of 9,000 at the Iowa State Fair.

Stott whipped past Keokuk rival Ernie Derr on the 99th lap and went on to win by nearly a half lap. Derr was second, followed by Bob Jusola of Mound, Minn.

Despite two yellow flags, Stott shattered two track marks. He clocked in at 1 hour, 55 minutes and 49.97 seconds for the 125 miles, passing the 100-mile mark in 1 hour, 24 minutes and 14 seconds.

Derr charged in front at the start and hiked his lead to two laps when he caught Ramo napping on the 11th lap. The field up to that time had run five laps under a yellow flag.
Ramo pitted ahead of Derr and got out one lap later. However, Ramo later ran past Derr in a driving charge off the first corner of the 99th lap.

On the 126th lap both Ramo and Derr pitted for fuel. But Ramo got out first.

The big surprise was Bob Jusola's third place finish. The Mound, Minn., veteran, who just recently returned to racing, was six laps behind the two leaders in his 1964 Ford. Earlier, Jusola had been running right behind the two leaders before he made his mandatory pit stop.

Every car was required to stop 30 seconds in the pits.

Results – 

1. Ramo Stott, Keokuk
2. Ernie Derr, Keokuk
3. Bob Jusola, Mound, Minn. 
4. Lenny Funk, Otis, Kan.
5. John Mickey, Columbus Junction, Iowa
6. George Barton, Des Moines
7. Butch Hall, Russell, Minn.
8. Hank Melhorn, Kansas City
9. Ole Brua, Albert Lea, Minn. 
10. Bob Dishman, Des Moines
11. Dale Keeling, Waynesville, Mo. 
12. Roland Wilson, Bedford 
13. John Bolen, Topeka, Kan. 
14. Blaine Morrow, Joy, Ill. 
15. Tom Roller, Independence, Mo. 
16. Bill Gibson, Kansas City 
17. Hugh Krana, Rock Island, Ill.
18. Leonard McCall, Des Moines

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