Saturday, April 18, 2020

1970 – Stott Unstoppable at Tri-County

Ramo Stott embraces the laurels of victory after winning the 100-lapper at Tri-County. 

West Chester, Ohio (April 18, 1970) – Ramo Stott, driving a new 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner, walked away with the 100-lap Auto Race Club of America (ARCA) feature and four other events at Tri-County Speedway on Saturday.

Stott, of Keokuk, Iowa, turned the 50 miles on the half-mile dirt in 38 minutes and 8 seconds, winning by 20 car lengths. He took the lead on lap 13 and never relinquished the top spot.

He was also the fastest qualifier, won the fast dash, the first heat and the Australian pursuit all of the events that he competed in. He expressed doubt about how he would race before the event because he was driving the car for the first time.

Iggy Katona of Willis, Mich., driving a 1969 Dodge, finished second and was followed by Bobby Watson of Louisville, Ky., in a 1969 Dodge. Andy Hampton, also of Louisville, finished fourth in a 1970 Dodge.

Results –

1. Ramo Stott
2. Iggy Katona
3. Bobby Watson
4. Andy Hampton
5. Ron Grana
6. Bill Kimmel
7. Paul Wensink
8. Wayne Trinkle
9. Bill Clemons
10.Jerry Norris

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