Thursday, August 24, 2023

1963 – Woolley Cops Iowa 50-Lapper


Gordon Woolley won the 50-lap finale of the IMCA big car program at the Iowa State Fair. - Beetle Bailey Photo

Des Moines, Iowa (August 24, 1963) – Gordon Woolley of Waco, Tex., proved he was the smartest as well as the fastest driver when he won the third and final IMCA big car feature event at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday afternoon.

The big Texan was the only driver who put knobbies on his racer and that was the medicine he needed. He got a big bite in the second turn of the first lap and shot into the lead.

Woolley then put all the ponies of the Weinberger Chevrolet to work and by checkered flag time, he was almost three-fourths of a lap ahead of second place Pete Folse of Tampa, Fla.

Folse was might lucky to take second place money. Illinois’ Jerry Blundy, who had been taking home a good share of Iowa State Fair racing money, held the second position until the 27th lap when the engine on his hot Chevrolet shelled out.

Up to that point, Blundy had won a big car feature, finished second in another, and won a super-modified main.

Jud Larson, driving out of Kansas City, was not so fortunate. He was running in third and in trying to catch up to Folse when he spun on the final lap. Jim Moughan of Springfield, Ill., would inherit third place as the checkers waved.

Results –

1. Gordon Woolley, Waco, Tex.
2. Pete Folse, Tampa, Fla.
3. Jim Moughan, Springfield, Ill.
4. Don Brown, San Fernando, Calif.
5. Ralph Donaldson, Napolean, Ill.
6. Ray Duckworth, Anderson, Ind.
7. Buzz Gregory, Dayton, Ohio
8. Norm Galpin, Altoona
9. Doc Schaeffer, Alameda, Calif.
10.Bob Tomlinson, Oak Lawn, Ill.
11.Steve Orme, Sherman, Ill.
12.Jud Larson, Kansas City

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