Monday, August 28, 2023

1958 – Beauchamp Wins After DQ’s

Johnny Beauchamp

St. Paul, Minn. (August 28, 1958) – The Minnesota State Fair’s late model stock car ranks were hit with the biggest bombshell of the year today, when the first three drivers in the 200-lap feature were disqualified for not driving stock machines.

John Libby, International Motor Contest Association press secretary, and assistant secretary of the Minnesota State Fair announced that winner Don White, runner-up Ernie Derr, both of Keokuk, Iowa, and Bud Burdick of Omaha, face possible suspension for further infractions.

The drivers, in addition to forfeiting $2,300 in prize money, were fined $50 each.

White, who won $1,000 with his 1958 Ford, had his car protested by Johnny Beauchamp, who finished fourth, and after the protest, Burdick protested Derr.

The three machines were torn down under the direction of race director Don O’Reilly of Washington, D.C.

They were found not to be in compliance with IMCA governing late models, having apparently being equipped with racing gimmicks and larger gas tanks. Derr drove a Pontiac and Burdick a Ford.

Results –

1. Johnny Beauchamp
2. Darrell Dake
3. Jerry Draper
4. Eddie Harrow
5. Ramo Stott
6. Bernie Tentges
7. Dick Pellow

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