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1978 – Reffner and Stang Capture Elko Superamerica 100’s

Dick Stang

Elko, Minn. (September 17, 1978) – Tom Reffner of Rudolph, Wis., and Dick Stang of Prior Lake, emerged as the two winners of the twin 100-lap late model features highlighting the Superamerica 200 at Elko Speedway on Sunday afternoon.

The contests were the climax of two days of competition that began Saturday night.

Reffner easily won the first 100-lapper, taking the lead on the 14th circuit. He finished in front of Mike Miller, Jim Back, Jim Weber, and Stang.

Trickle led the second main from lap 35 until the 81st circuit when Back, who made a late charge, went in front. Stang moved up into second place and ran bumper-to-bumper with Back until the last lap when Back slipped slightly on the front chute.

Stang took advantage of Back’s lapse and passed the Vesper, Wis., chauffeur on the outside to take the lead and the victory. Back settled for second with Miller, Trickle and Reffner rounding out the top-five.

Trickle emerged as the winner of the overall title for special events this year and won an extra $1,000 besides his regular payoff.

Reffner was fast qualifier on Saturday night with Greg Arenson winning the semi-feature and Trickle copping the 15-lap dash. Dewey Gustafson captured the B-main for late models.

The only serious accident of the weekend occurred in the B-main when Joe Berthiaume hit the front stretch wall and complete demolished his Camaro. He was taken to a local hospital for observation.

Results –

Feature #1 –

1. Tom Reffner, Rudolph, Wis.
2. Mike Miller, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
3. Jim Back, Vesper, Wis.
4. Jim Weber, Rosemount
5. Dick Stang, Prior Lake
6. Dick Trickle, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

Feature #2 –

1. Dick Stang
2. Jim Back
3. Mike Miller
4. Dick Trickle
5. Tom Reffner
6. Bruce Sparrman, Excelsior

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