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1963 – Woolley is New IMCA Champ

Gordon Woolley clinched the IMCA sprint car crown with a victory at the Tennessee State Fair. Joining the champion in victory lane is Nashville mayor Beverley Briley, Frank Wilseck (co-car owner), John Wilson Tennessee Fair Board Manager, Gordon Woolley & Ann Woolley, Gene Van Winkle, Mrs. Sid Weinberger, and Sid.

Nashville, Tenn. (September 222, 1963) – Gordon Woolley, a balding 39-year-old race car driver from Waco, Tex., clinched the IMCA sprint car point championship as he copped the feature race at Fairgrounds Speedway on Sunday afternoon.

Woolley had his hands full in the contest before a crowd estimated at 3,000. Ray Duckworth, who won the State Fair event on here Saturday, was the early leader but Woolley passed him on lap 9.

If the race were ending at that point, it would have been a beautiful as Woolley edged ahead as the two crossed the finish line.

There were 21 laps left, however, and the Texan had to keep his foot on the gas pedal the rest of the way to hold off Duckworth.

Bob Pratt was another pursuer until his car blew an engine on the 24th circuit. Dean Mast then took that position and held it to the finish, far behind Woolley and Duckworth.

A loud roar came from Woolley’s pit crew when he took the lead and an even louder chant went up when he pulled into victory circle.

His wife was exuberant as she hugged and kissed her husband. “How about that, you’re IMCA champion,” she beamed.

Woolley stated that he had raced at Nashville once previously, finishing fifth thee years ago. He has been racing sprint cars for four years.

Results –

Heat #1 – Tom McClellan
Heat #2 – Dean Mast
Heat #3 – Don Brown
Consolation – Ray Duckworth
Feature –
1. Gordon Woolley
2. Ray Duckworth
3. Dean Mast
4. Jim McCune
5. Carl Williams
6. Pete Folse
7. Tom McClellan
8. Jerry Blundy
9. Dick Gaines
10.Curly Boyd

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