Monday, August 31, 2015

1963 – Horstmeyer breaks record in Minnesota State Fair win

Bill Horstmeyer
St. Paul, Minn. (August 31, 1963) – Bill Horstmeyer, a 32-year-old electrician from Stoughton, Wis., won the 25-lap IMCA championship speedway race at the Minnesota State Fair before 21,083 fans.

Riding the high rim, Hortsmeyer cracked the track record of 10 minutes and 23 seconds established by Leroy Neumayer on August 31, 1960.

Hortsmeyer grabbed the lead almost from the opening green flag and roared around the dirt oval. Spinouts on the first turn by Buzz Barton and on the second turn by Red Amick slowed the drivers for four laps, but when the green flag went back up, Horstmeyer poured on the gas, eventually lapping most of the field.

A broken connecting rod during the first turn of the first lap scratched Jerry Daniels. Prior to Saturday’s misfortune, Daniels had won six straight events, including three features. But he bowed out after seven circuits when his engine blew and he was unable to get a chance at a fourth straight feature victory.

With Daniels out of the picture, Forest Lake’s Jerry Richert was able to capture his fifth Minnesota State Championship, the $200 first prize money and the Governor’s Cup, which was presented by Minnesota governor Karl Rolvaag.

Results –

1.   Bill Horstmeyer
2.   Dean Mast
3.   Harold Leep
4.   Jerry Richert
5.   Carl Williams
6.   Sonny Helms
7.   Bill Burdick
8.   Calvin Gilstrap
9.   Dale Reed
10.Buzz Barton

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