Thursday, August 30, 2012

1969 - Stokke wins season championship at Boone

Boone, Iowa (August 30, 1969) - Del Stokke of Ames won the 30-lap Season Championship race at Boone Speedway on Saturday night.

Stokke, who finished the year runner up in points to Gene Schattschneider, picked up his second championship at the Boone Speedway in the last three years.

He finished the 1967 year at Boone by winning the point battle and also the season championship.

Saturday night, Stokke, grabbed the lead on the very first lap from the man who had started on the pole, Gene Schattschneider, when Gene went too high coming out of the number two corner.

Schattschneider, stayed close behind Stokke for several laps until he lost control of his car and spun out coming out of the fourth turn on lap seven.

After this, Schattschneider, went to the back of the pack and lost any chance of winning the race. Gene watched the last few laps of the event from the pits after being black flagged for not yielding to a pull over flag.

Arnie Braland, of Boone, after the departure of Schattschneider, picked up where Gene left off and battled Stokke all the way to the wire in finishing runner-up. It was Braland's best finish during championship competition at Boone in three years. He also finished fifth in points this year.

Two veteran drivers, Jerry LeCroy, Des Moines and Joe Rasmussen, Ames, finished third and fourth with Merle Leonard, Marshalltown, rounding out the top five.

Heat winners Saturday night were Joel Rasmussen, Ames, Jerry LeCroy, Des Moines and Bob Bonzer, Liscomb. Merle Leonard, Marshalltown, won the B-Main, while Don Hilbert, Algona, won the Special event.
Results –
First Heat: Joel Rasmussen, Ames
Second Heat: Jerry LeCroy, Des Moines
Third Heat: Bob Bonzer, Liscomb
B-Main: Merle Leonard, Marshalltown
Special Race: Don Hilbert, Algona

1. Del Stokke, Ames
2. Arnie Braland, Boone
3. Jerry LeCroy, Des Moines
4. Joel Rasmussen, Ames
5. Merle Leonard, Marshalltown

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