Tuesday, May 23, 2017

1984 - Flip Doesn't Stop Amati at Lincoln Park

Putnamville, Ind. (May 23, 1984) - Chuck Amati recovered from a second heat flip to earn a main event starting berth in the same preliminary event and went on to capture the 30-lap feature to highlight Wednesday night's USAC Pre-Indy sprint car show at Lincoln Park Speedway.

Amati tumbled his mount on the backstretch during the second heat, but was able to restart the contest and finish third, behind Buck Boughan and Rick Hood. The performance was god enough to give Amati a feature starting assignment, since the top four in each of the evening's heats automatically transferred into the main event.

Since the feature starting line-up is based on time trial performances, with the six fastest participants inverted at the start, Amati found himself on the pole as the 20-car field was gridded for the 30-lapper.

Greg Staab, who started on the outside, got the jump on Amati as the main began and led the opening circuit, but Amati moved into first place the next time around. Sheldon Kinser and Hood both got around Staab later on the same lap to gain second and third.

Amati then maintained a 10-car length advantage over Kinser and Hood until the 22nd lap when Amati collided with a car he was attempting to lap. Amati got clear of the incident without any damage to his mount but the yellow came out for the first time in the event.

When the green returned, Amati grabbed the lead followed closely by Kinser and Hood. Hood overtook Kinser to gain second on lap 24 and began to challenge the leader. Amati was able to hold off the heat applied by Hood and took the checkered by one-car length. Kinser finished third ahead of Staab, Randy Kinser and Kelly Kinser.

Results -

1. Chuck Amati
2. Rick Hood
3. Sheldon Kinser
4. Greg Staab
5. Randy Kinser
6. Kelly Kinser
7. Tim Bookmiller
8. Leon Thickstun
9. Jack Hewitt
10. Denny Donaldson
11. Leon Gentry
12. Tony Elliot
13. Rodney Ritter
14. Keith Campbell
15. Dave Feese
16. Jerry Russell
17. Buck Boughan
18. Larry Martin
19. Frank Weiss
20. Mike Helm

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