Friday, June 20, 2014

1976 – Draime owned car wins Bluegrass 300


Louisville, Ky. (June 20, 1976) Jerry Makara of Westland, Mich., driving a 1976 Camaro owned by Draime Enterprises of Massillon and sponsored by Thrush Muffler, won the Bluegrass 300 at the Fairgrounds Motor Speedway in Louisville, Ky. on Sunday.

He nosed out a Michigan rival, Mike Eddy of Kawkawlin, when race officials had to go to qualifying times to break a tie. The overall winner is determined by each man's finishes. Each had six points but Makara had set a track one-lap qualifying record of 81.906 miles per hour and was given the victory.

It was the second consecutive year in which the Bluegrass 300 was won on qualifying times. Eddy had tied with Charlie Glotzbach in 1975 and lost the title.

Glotzbach didn't enter a car this time but qualified one for speed king Bobby Allison who was late in arriving because he elected to qualify for a Grand National race in Brooklyn, Mich., on the same day and fly into Louisville.

Makara and Eddy, who started on the front row in the first 100-lap heat, waged a heated "duel" for first place. Eddy led first then Makara took over on lap 35.

Eddy got the lead back on the next lap when a slower car blocked Makara, but Eddy got boxed in on the following go-around and Makara took the lead for good. Allison finished in 13th place.

The field was inverted for the second 100-lapper, based upon the first-race finish. Allison started 12th and Makara and Eddy in the last row.

Allison went into the lead on lap 20 and Makara and Eddy were swapping second spot. After avoiding a 94th-lap collision between two other cars, Makara and Eddy themselves collided moments later on the second turn.

Allison won, Makara finished second and Eddy third. Makara charged Allison, tried to spin him by planting his bumper into Makara's car but Allison shrugged off the whole thing.

Allison and Makara started in the front row in the final 100 and Eddy came out of the third spot. Eddy passed Allison on the first turn and the order was Allison, Eddy, Makara until lap 30.

Eddy and Makara collided in the fourth turn and came to a stop. Eddy got restarted almost at once but Makara was down by one lap by the time he could get going.

Allison was knocked out by mechanical trouble on the 58th lap and Eddy went ahead to stay. Makara worked his way into third - behind Eddy and Ellis Herbert - with the help of a 76th-lap collision between Ray Young and Dave Sorg.

Makara caught up with Young when Eddy knocked Robin Schildknecht into the wall on the same lap and passed Young with 15 laps to go.

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