Saturday, June 14, 2014

1964 – Stacy Captures Detroit Century

Detroit, Mich. (June 14, 1964) - Nelson Stacy and his 1964 for were in top form, Sunday afternoon, when he and the 100-mile ARCA-sanctioned new car race at the Michigan State Fairgrounds in a close finish over defending champion Jack Bowsher in another 1964 Ford.

The Daytona Beach, Florida, MARC and NASCAR veteran started in the number two position and first grabbed the lead on the seventh lap from Bowsher who regained it at lap 30 when Stacy pitted for gas.

Bowsher then led until the halfway mark when Dick Freeman got by in 1962 Pontiac, leading until the 59th circuit when Bowsher again took over. Stacy got by Bowsher on the 98 go-round, holding on to finish the century in 1 hour and 21 minutes.

Finishing third and fourth, half a lap behind the leaders, were Iggy Katona in 1964 Ford and Freeman, not far apart.

A crowd estimated at 6,000 viewed the fine card that also included three heats and a helmet dash on the one-mile dirt track. Bowsher erased Iggy Katona’s 43.22 second one-lap record with a 42.75 second time trial.

Jim Cushman, who won the helmet dash, took a spectacular flip on the backstretch during the first tee and, although his 1964 Plymouth was demolished, was unhurt. Heat winners were Katona, Don Arnold (1962 Chevrolet), and Bill Douglas (1963 Ford).

A field of 34 cars and drivers were on hand for the Pete Spencer promotion.

Results –

1.     Nelson Stacy
2.     Jack Bowsher
3.     Iggy Katona
4.     Dick Freeman
5.     Wimpy May
6.     Elmer Musgrave
7.     Homer Newland
8.     Clyde Parker
     9.     Cleo Ashley
10.   Les Snow
11.   Ralph Baker
12.   Don Arnold
13.   Don Sawyer
14.  Dick Mitchell
15.  Tom Dill

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