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1970 – MVSC Mid-Season Winner is John Moss

John Moss

Columbus Junction, Iowa (June 21, 1970) - John Moss of Iowa City took the lead in the Mississippi Valley Speed Club 50-lap mid-season championship races here Sunday night after the point leader, Mark Mosier of Washington, pulled into the pit. Moss hung onto the lead the rest of the way. When he crossed the finish line he had Mel Morris of West Liberty on his rear bumper.

The feature event was stopped several times for minor accidents. In one accident, Ron Perdock of Washington climbed up on the trunk of Ron Jackson of Burlington. Jackson’s car had he left rear heavily damaged, but neither driver was injured.

In a field of 41 cars, Mosier turned in the fastest time of 26:32 seconds. Moss turned the half-mile oval in 27:07 seconds and Ron Hemsted had the third fastest time of 27:48 seconds.

In the five car five-lap trophy dash, Jackson took the lead right away and picked up the checkered flag and his trophy for the year.

The first heat race was won by Mosier. Bud Darting of Wilton Junction held on to first position in the second heat race to pick up the checkers while Morris copped the third heat race. Larry Jenkins of Wilton Junction took the honors for the fourth heat race.

In the consolation race, it was Gary Redlinger of Wellman, and Benny Hofer of Rock Island, Ill., picked up the checkered flag for the semi-main event.

Results –

Trophy Dash: Ron Jackson, Burlington, Iowa
First Heat: Mark Mosier, Washington, Iowa
Second Heat: Bud Darting, Wilton Junction, Iowa
Third Heat: Mel Morris, West Liberty, Iowa
Fourth Heat: Larry Jenkins, Wilton Junction, Iowa
Consolation: Gary Redlinger, Wellman, Iowa
Semi-Main: Benny Hofer, Rock Island, Ill.


  1. John Moss, Iowa City
  2. Mel Morris
  3. Pokey West, West Chester, Iowa
  4. Ron Perdock, Washington, Iowa
  5. Benny Hofer
  6. Bud Darting
  7. Dan Robertson, Muscatine, Iowa
  8. Del Abney, Muscatine, Iowa
  9. Mark Mosier
  10. Gary Redlinger

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