Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1973 - Winged cars to be allowed at Knoxville for Spring Nationals

Knoxville, Iowa (June 24, 1973) - Wings are making a comeback on sprint and super-modified racecars and they will be allowed in the “Spring National” super-modified races at the Marion County Fairgrounds at Knoxville next Saturday night.
“Wings are the going thing in the East,” race promoter Marion Robinson said Saturday. “And, USAC (United States Auto Club) will have a winged sprint division next year.”
“They were popular on super-modifieds back in the early 60s; in fact Roy Robbins had one on his car when he won the first National championship here in 1962.”
Big aluminum wings are placed over the top of the car and, according to Robinson help stabilize the car on the track. There are smaller ones on the sides.
“They hold down the back wheels and the cars can go into the corners better,” he said. “They take the bumps out of the track.”
“And the cars can go faster. Cars should go around the track a full second faster than they normally do.”
Wings may help a car go faster and smoother, but Robinson does not like them. “I think they take the skill out of driving,” he said. “Any race driver can race great with them.”
The “Spring National” feature will be for 30 laps and the winner will receive $1,000.
After this race, the wings will probably be outlawed for the rest of the season.
“I don’t know yet," Robinson said. “This is an experiment.”

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