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1982 – Wendling Sweep Twin 20’s at Dubuque

Rick Wendling

Dubuque, Iowa (July 4, 1982) – Rick Wendling of Hazelton drove his way to his seventh feature win of the season at Dubuque Speedway on Sunday night.

Wendling, now has won six features in a row, taking both 20-lap features during the holiday special.

In the first feature, Wendling was followed by Curt Martin and Greg Hunter, both of Independence.

In the second 20-lapper, Wendling crossed the finish line ahead of Ken Kennedy of Dubuque and Karl Sanger of Waterloo.

Heat winners were Laverne Lehman of Waterloo and Gary Henderson of Independence.

Rodney Brandt, also of Hazelton, started on the outside of the front row and led from start to finish to win the sportsman feature. He was closely followed by Dubuque’s Carl Severson and Jim Riedl of Durango.

Results –

Feature #1 –

1. Rick Wendling, Hazelton
2. Curt Martin, Independence
3. Greg Hunter, Independence
4. Gary Henderson, Independence
5. Laverne Lehman, Waterloo
6. Dick Chapman, Dubuque
7. Karl Sanger, Waterloo
8. Bob Kinsella, Dubuque
9. Ken Kennedy, Dubuque
10.Jim Conners, Linden, Wis.

Feature #2 –

1. Rick Wendling
2. Ken Kennedy
3. Karl Sanger
4. Gary Crawford, Independence
5. Bob Kinsella
6. Greg Hunter
7. Gary Henderson
8. Curt Martin
9. Laverne Lehman
10.Dave Bentley, Fairbank

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