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1956 – Beauchamp sweeps Stock Cars; Pouelson tops Speedway field at Huron

Huron, S.D. (September 7-8, 1956) - National IMCA stock car point’s leader Johnny Beauchamp of Harlan, Iowa, outclassed the field at the South Dakota State Fair Speedway, Saturday. Beauchamp roared to both the first and second half championships of the 50-lap feature race in the respective clockings of 13.08:33 and 13.18:64, which were practically identical.

Sonny Morgan of Beaumont, Tex., was runner-up both times, though he led all but the final lap of the feature race's first half (25 laps).

The feature's second half getaway was re-run after Dean Anderson and Bob Short piled up on the first curve due to some unidentified fish-tailing by one of their fellow racers.

Other winners were Chub Liebe in the first heat (10 laps), time of 5.36:04; Beauchamp in the second heat (10 laps), 5.41:20; Darrell Dake in the Dash Event (4 laps), 2.09:27; Don Rosenberg in the novelty race (no time), and Dick Jepson in the consolation event via 4.51:81.

In Friday's speedway races, Johnny Pouelson of Gardena, Calif., was the top money winner, copping the 15-lap feature race in the time of 6:39:81.

Buzz Barton, third straight prize getter at the Minnesota State Fair, which wound up Labor Day, took runner-up honors with Marv Faw in third and Minneapolis' Vern Chamberlain finishing fourth. Veteran racer Bert Hellmueller of Louisville, Ky., who won the four-lap dash event in 1.51:47 and the first heat in 3.15:33, spun out of the race on the 14th lap. Hellmueller was in fourth place at the time.

Faw won the seven-lap Australian pursuit race after pacesetter Jim Packard of Indianapolis, Ind., broke a connecting rod on his racer.

Pouelson annexed consolation race honors with a 2.53:15 time for six laps. Barton sped to victory in the seven lap second heat via 3.14:31.

Stock Car Results –

Feature #1

1. Johnny Beauchamp
2. Sonny Morgan
3. Chub Liebe
4. Darrell Dake
5. Robert “Doc” Narber
6. Harold “Tubby” Harrison

Feature #2

1. Johnny Beauchamp
2. Sonny Morgan
3. Chub Liebe
4. Robert Narber
5. Darrell Dake
6. Harold Harrison

Speedway Car Results –

1. Johnny Pouelson
2. Emmett “Buzz” Barton
3. Marvin Faw
4. Vern Chamberlain
5. Bert Hellmueller
6. George Morris

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