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1977 - Phillips wins ARTGO ‘Carter Classic’

Larry Phillips

Morris, Ill. (July 3, 1977) - Larry Phillips of Springfield, Missouri, moved past Dave Watson in the 64th lap of the 100-lap Wayne Carter Classic to score a close win over Joe Shear and Dick Trickle.

Shear was named the overall ARTGO ‘Summer Nationals’ champion based on the points he won in the Twin 75-lap ARTGO features Saturday night at the Capital Super Speedway south of Madison and Sunday at the Grundy track in Illinois.

A large crowed assembled to watch the 12-event ARTGO program Sunday night snuggled under blankets as the weather turned cool following a morning rain.

In time trials, Larry Schuler shattered the one-lap record with a 15.57-second lap which was later tied by Shear. Schuler was among the leaders when he dropped out in the 79th lap of the feature.

The All-Star Showdown matching Trickle, Schuler, Shear and Bob Senneker was won by Senneker. Bob Carnes won the 20-lap pursuit race and finished fourth in the 100- lapper. The first dozen finishers in the Classic 100-lap race finished in the same lap.

Twenty-five cars took starter Gordie Sill’s green flag in the century run. Gary Hemmerling picked up the $100 bonus for leading the first five consecutive laps.

Watson, the winner of last year’s Carter Classic took the lead in the seventh lap with Carnes a distant second. The yellow flag came out in the 21st lap with a lot of controversy developing as Schuler apparently collided with Mike Miller and Trickle sending them both spinning.

Trickle and Miller were both sent to the rear of the line-up - and after a lot of discussion, Schuler volunteered to also start in the rear — as he felt he had inadvertently caused the tangle.

Once the program resumed, Watson maintained his lead with Phillips moving into second by the 40th lap and pressuring Watson for the next 24 laps. Following a yellow in the 63rd lap, Phillips shot inside Watson for the lead and the win.

Trickle recovered to pass Watson for second in the 70th lap but Shear edged back past Trickle three laps later and the two set out after Phillips.

At the exciting finish, it was Phillips by a bare two car-lengths over Shear and Trickle who were bumper-to-bumper. Carnes was fourth followed closely by Senneker, Watson, Dave Roahrig, Ed Hoffman, Larry Detjens and Lee Schuler.

Also, on the same lap were 11th place Ray Young and early leader Hemmerling.

Two qualifying events were run with Dave Evans winning the first, and Tom Jones the other. Heat race wins were to Carnes, Miller, Terry Bivins, Larry Nipple and Todd Acklam. Jim Pierson won the 30-lap semi-feature.

Results –

1. Larry Phillips
2. Joe Shear
3. Dick Trickle
4. Bob Carnes
5. Bob Senneker
6. Dave Watson
7. Dave Roahrig
8. Ed Hoffman
9. Larry Detjens
10.Lee Schuler
11.Ray Young
12.Gary Hemmerling
13.Tom Reffner
14.Mike Miller
15.Tom Musgrave
16.Dave Weltmeyer
17.Larry Schuler
18.Terry Bivins
19.Jim Pierson
20.Dave Evans
21.Bob Strait
22.Tom Jones
23.Woody Church
24.Chuck Acres
25.Jerry Kemperman

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