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1960 – Moffitt nips Zwanziger before 7,000 at Tunis

Ms. Irene Siglin presents Charlie Moffitt with the Tunis Speedway mid-season championship trophy. 

Waterloo, Iowa (July 17, 1960) – Charlie Moffitt of Stanwood replaced Bill Zwanziger of Waterloo as the Tunis Speedway mid-season champion on Sunday night.

Moffitt raced with Zwanziger, last season’s mid-season and season champion, rubbing bumpers the entire way.

Track owner Judd Tunis said the paid attendance was 5,164, in addition to some 2,000 children who were admitted free.

One of the drivers considered among the favored contenders didn’t even make the lineup. Gene Peterson of Waterloo, who has won several features this year, broke a connecting rod in his 400 cubic-inch engine while warming up the motor in the pit area before the first heat and never got his late model on the track.

Moffitt grabbed the lead at the start of the 50-lap mid-season championship and had to fight his way through early traffic with Zwanziger riding just inches behind.

After traffic thinned out, Moffitt stretched his lead to about a car length, until Zwanziger, one of the top Waterloo drivers competing at Tunis, closed the gap to within inches.

One mistake on Moffitt’s part would have put Zwanziger into the lead and a similar mistake on Zwanziger’s behalf would have put Moffitt out of reach for sure.

Neither driver overstepped a corner. They seemed to be attached to each other. On at least two occasions, Zwanziger was able to pull up alongside, but Moffitt was able to nudge ahead.

Jim Hoerman of Clarksville finished third, Bob Dautremont of Iowa City was fourth, and Bob Hilmer of Dysart rounded out the top five.

Results –

Heat #1 – Harry Peterson, Waterloo
Heat #2 – John Mullink, Iowa City
Heat #3 – Charlie Moffitt, Stanwood
Consolation – Bill Finkle, Cedar Falls
Feature –
1. Charlie Moffitt
2. Bill Zwanziger, Waterloo
3. Jim Hoerman, Clarksville
4. Bob Dautremont, Iowa City
5. Bob Hilmer, Dysart
6. Tuffy Meyer, Big Rock
7. Harry Peterson
8. Harry O’Deen, Marion

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