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1976 - Sanger wins Mid-Season Tunis Title

Ed Sanger
Waterloo, Iowa (July 11, 1976) - Ed Sanger bolted out ahead of Bill Zwanziger on the first lap and went on to win Sunday night’s mid-season late model stock car championship at Tunis Speedway.

“That early lead is what won it for me,” said Sanger, who had just captured his fifth feature in a week and also his fifth Tunis main event, triumph of the season.

Sanger, the second-leading Tunis late model point-getter going into the evening, started on the outside front row with top point driver Bill Zwanziger on the inside.

“Bill and I were neck and neck out of the second turn on the first lap,” recalled Sanger. “It was the better traction on the high side that let me pull away.”

“With a light car with a heavy engine, you can really tell when you are getting good traction; the car really takes off on you.”

Sanger came out with about a three car length lead on the first backstretch about the same margin he had over runner-up Zwanziger when the 35-lap event ended.

Curt Hansen, who started third, finished in that position. Karl Sanger topped Tom Bartholomew in a hard-fought battle for fourth position. Red Dralle, driving Denny Osborn’s car, placed sixth. Osborn has an injured hand.

Sunday’s win climaxed a $4,000-plus week Sanger indicated. He started it off last Monday night with an $800 feature win at Tunis and followed with victories at Oskaloosa on Wednesday, Lake Superior, Wis., on Thursday, Cedar Rapids on Friday and a second place finish to Hansen on Saturday at Eldon.

John Weers scored a relatively easy sportsmen mid-season title win while Gary Ekuall was declared the roadrunner champion in an accident-shortened race.


Results –

First Heat: Mike Krall, Waterloo
Second Heat: D. Arthur Nesteby, Waterloo
Third Heat: Tom Bartholomew, Waterloo
Consolation: Dave Trower, New Hampton

  1. Ed Sanger, Waterloo
  2. Bill Zwanziger, Waterloo
  3. Curt Hansen, Dike
  4. Karl Sanger, Waterloo
  5. Tom Bartolomew
  6. Red Dralle, Evansdale
  7. Jack Mitchell, Cedar Falls
  8. D. Arthur Nesteby
  9. Tom Fitzpatrick, Gilbertville
  10. Jim Patterson, Cedar Falls

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