Sunday, September 20, 2015

1966 - Brown wins both halves of Big Car program at Hutch

Don Brown
Hutchinson, Kan. (September 20, 1966) - Don Brown, North Hollywood, Calif., won both halves of the 20-lap feature race which concluded the Big Car racing program at the Kansas State Fair, Tuesday afternoon.

The race was cut into sections of 11 and nine laps because Dale Reed, Wichita, spun out on the turn three curve on that 11th lap, and came to a stop with his car broadside in the track. Reed got out of there as if on an ejector seat to escape the hot oil spurting in the cock pit. However he suffered only minor burns.

Brown was ahead of Harold Leep, Wichita, by two car lengths when the drivers were red flagged to a halt, Lloyd Beckman, Lincoln, Neb. was a close third. Gordon Woolley, Waco, Tex., was fourth and Grady Wade, Wichita fifth.

And that was the exact finishing order nine laps later, after the re-start. Roy Bryant, Wichita, was sixth; Keith Hightshoe, Ashland Neb., seventh; Walt McWhorter, Wichita, eighth; Jerry Weld, Kansas City, ninth and Stan Borofsky, Kansas City tenth in the 16-car field.

Reed suffered minor burns but was not hospitalized.

Less fortunate was Kenny Wines, Kokomo, Ind., who lost a right rear wheel when running in the semi-final. Wines’ car skidded to the concrete wall at the head of the straightaway. The rear axle, sliding on the ground, clipped a corner post flipped the car's transmission to one side, pinning Wines' left leg. Wines was rushed to the nearby hospital. He was given first aid treatment and dismissed. He returned in time to see the “A” feature.


  1. Don Brown, North Hollywood, Calif.
  2. Harold Leep, Wichita, Kan.
  3. Lloyd Beckman, Lincoln, Neb.
  4. Gordon Woolley, Waco, Tex.
  5. Grady Wade Wichita, Kan.
  6. Roy Bryant, Wichita, Kan.
  7. Keith Hightshoe, Ashland, Neb.
  8. Walt McWhorter, Wichita, Kan.
  9. Jerry Weld, Kansas City, Mo.
  10. Stan Borofsky, Kansas City, Mo.

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