Sunday, October 9, 2011

1971 - Final Feature to Morris, Hemsted Is Point Champ

Mel Morris is joined in victor lane by some young fans. - Pam Elwell Collection

Columbus Junction, Iowa (October 9, 1971) - Mel Morris of Atalissa took the lead on the 22nd lap of the 50-lap feature event here from John Moss of Iowa City and held it to win the final race of the 1971 Mississippi Valley Speed Club season.

Ron Hemsted of Lone Tree, the point leader most of the season, finished in sixth place in the feature and wound up with 212 points for first place in the point standings. Moss, with a third-place finish in the feature, finished in second place in the point standings with 183 points. Pokey West of West Chester, finishing second in the feature, wound up third in the point standings with 181 points.

Byron Buchele of Muscatine won the 5-lap trophy dash. Ray Guss of Milan, Ill., won the first heat race. Morris took the honors for the second heat race and Larry Jenkins of Wilton Junction grabbed the checkered flag for the third heat race. Bud Darting of Wilton Junction picked up the checkered flag for the fourth heat race. Perry Beckler of Tiffin won the semi-main event.

Results –

Trophy Dash – Bryan Buchele, Muscatine
Heat #1– Ray Guss, Milan, Ill.
Heat #2 – Mel Morris, Atalissa
Heat #3 – Larry Jenkins, Muscatine
Heat #4 – Bud Darting, Columbus Junction
Semi-Main – Perry Beckler, Tiffin
Feature –
1. Mel Morris, Atalissa
2. Pokey West, West Chester
3. John Moss, Iowa City
4. Bill Newman, Burlington
5. Ron Prymek, Iowa City
6. Ron Hemsted, Lone Tree
7. Jim Gerber, Long Grove
8. Bud Darting, Columbus Junction
9. Larry Jenkins, Wilton Junction
10. Ron Perdock, Washington

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