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1965 - The Finish Line


By Les Burianek

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (June 20, 1965) - Aut Swenson of Thrillcade thrill shows wrote some interesting info regarding his new shows that will hit the road July 1st from the winter headquarters in Springfield, Mo.

The shows winter months were spent getting the equipment ready for the wild, grueling, punishing maneuvers that Swenson's Hollywood stuntmen will put the new fleet of Ford Cars through.

The Thrillcade drivers spent some time testing tires and have found the US Royal Tiger Paw tires will stand the test. Kenny Blaine, long a stuntman in the US and Europe, will drive a new Mustang in a thrill act that will be a crowd pleaser. Blaine will run the Mustang up High Side ramp, bring the car over on two wheels and continue on as far as the condition of the track will let him.

Swenson will bring his full show to the All-Iowa Fair on August 16 and 17 for matinee and evening performances. We sure won't miss it.

Greenwood Roadway

Last week we said that the drivers at the USAC race would get an education driving the three-mile sports car track. Well, a few of them slipped in a few practice laps last week and were led away talking to themselves. The word challenging has been changed to dangerous.

Tony Dean's KHAK Pit Stop

We stated last week that Tony had developed into one of the Midwest's best announcers. Well, we didn't miss, the little big mouth will step to the mike at the Paul Bunyan 200 race at Minneapolis and again this fall at the Minnesota State Fair race program.

New track?

From out of the toolbox came a hat rumble about, a track to be built 20 minutes out of Cedar Rapids. Any of you fence jumpers having info on this deal, give us a call.

The Quarter Midgets at Hawkeye Downs are drawing good crowds to their 20th mile, banked asphalt track every Sunday night at 7:30. If you haven't been out, plan to take the family out soon.

MCRA Press Party

We spent an enjoyable evening at the Roosevelt the other night. Our hosts, Homer Melton and Perry Luster royally entertained the local and area press.

The corner table discussion on racing today and yesterday was the best. Perry Luster, the man who insures the Midwest race tracks, talked on the problems that face the racing world today.

Ray Wernimont, president of the All-Iowa Fair, threw a bomb and announced that a new grandstand would be built in '66. Let's get our tools; Kay's going to need help!

Billings, Montana

We received a note from our old friend Andy Hanson, the new Empire State Fair manager out Montana way.

Andy, who was always an auto race man here, now is a horse race man. But out there you can drop a buck on a nag’s nose, which always fills the seats. Hanson, who was for many, many years, the All-Iowa Fair manager, sends a loud "hello" to his many friends that he left here in Cedar Rapids.

If any of you guys and gals get out near Andy's fair August 8-14, go through the gate and yell for Andy, he'll hear you.

Lots of luck, Andy.

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