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1985 – First ARTGO Win for Trickle at Capital

Dick Trickle recorded his first ARTGO Racing victory of the season at Capital Super Speedway. Ms. Capital, Corrine Chatman, joined the winner in victory lane. – Don Thies Photo

Oregon, Wis. (May 18, 1985) – Defending ARTGO Challenge Series champion Dick Trickle recorded his first win of the season on the circuit, as he drove to victory in Saturday night’s First Wisconsin Special 100 at Capital Super Speedway.

The 43-year-old racing legend from Wisconsin Rapids, wheeled his 1985 Firebird to the checkered flag in the 100-lap main event. It was the five-time ARTGO titlist’s 49th career feature win on the circuit.

Wrestling the lead away from pacesetter Joe Shear on the 93rd go-round, Trickle went on to take the checkered flag some four-car-lengths ahead of Shear. Rounding out the top-five were Mark Martin, Rich Bickle Jr., and Steve Holzhausen.

A field of 22 started the century grind with Tom Musgrave sneaking in from his second row outside starting position to take the lead on the first revolution. Musgrave was on top for only one laps before Holzhausen moved to the front. Holzhausen, who started on the front row, led until lap 5 when John Ziegler moved past him.

With 19 laps in the record books, the first yellow flag appeared as Jim Weber and Tom Reffner tangled in the third turn.

Lap 25 saw Ziegler still in command, followed by Shear, Trickle, Martin, and Ted Musgrave. Leading the race by about five-to-six car-lengths most of the way, Ziegler began to stretch his margin to 10 car-lengths as the event approached the three-quarter mark.

Looking to score hiss first-ever ARTGO feature win, Ziegler, however, began to slow and pulled into the infield on lap 68 when his Ford Thunderbird ran out of gas.

The race then featured a three-car battle between Shear, Trickle, and Martin, who ran bumper-to-bumper until lap 74, when Martin fell off the pace, dropping well back of the leaders.

Shear was still on top lap 75, pressed by Trickle with Martin, Holzhausen, and Bickle giving chase. After first trying outside to get around Shear for first place, Trickle snuck underneath the leader on lap 91. The pair then raced side-by-side for a couple of laps before Trickle finally took the lead away from Shear on lap 93.

Results –

1. Dick Trickle, Wisconsin Rapids
2. Joe Shear, Lake Villa, Ill.
3. Mark Martin, Batesville, Ark.
4. Rich Bickle Jr., Edgerton
5. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor
6. Al Schill, Franklin
7. Bob Gunn, Madison
8. Dennis Lampman, Oak Creek
9. Tom Musgrave, Mundelein, Ill.
10.Don Leach, Beloit

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