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1971 – 9,899 See Oldham and Reece Win at Fairgrounds

Dick Oldham

Des Moines, Iowa (May 8, 1971) – Dick Oldham and Phil Reece, defending champions in their respective auto racing classes, rode to victory Saturday night before 9,899 at the Fairgrounds.

Oldham, who had only one feature win last year, powered his 1969 Chevelle to victory against a stalwart field of cars that included Lem Blankenship, Darrell Dake and also Ernie Derr – the 11-time International Motor Contest Association stock car champion.

Derr, driving a 1965 Dodge, placed seventh in the late model main event and fourth in the semi-main.

John Connolly, who won the late model semi-main, finished second in the feature behind Oldham. They were followed by Dake, Stan Stover, Dean Montgomery, and Blankenship.

Reece’s victory in the sportsman feature was his second in a row. He finished ahead of Chuck Berg, Matt Mauro, John Knapp, and Lou Thrap, all of Des Moines.

Results –

Sportsman –

Heat #1 – Phil Reece, Des Moines
Heat #2 – Chuck Berg, Des Moines
Semi-main – Matt Mauro, Des Moines
Feature –
1. Phil Reece
2. Chuck Berg
3. Matt Mauro
4. John Knapp, Des Moines
5. Lou Thrap, Des Moines
6. Bob Pike, Des Moines
7. Bob Peterson, Des Moines
8. Tom Gratton, Des Moines
9. John Brouwer, Prairie City
10.Dale Miller, Cummings

Late Model –

Heat #1 – Dave Chase, Council Bluffs
Heat #2 – Darrell Dake, Cedar Rapids
Semi-main – John Connolly, Delhi
Feature –
1. Dick Oldham, Des Moines
2. John Connolly
3. Darrell Dake
4. Stan Stover, Reinbeck
5. Dean Montgomery, Milan, Ill.
6. Lem Blankenship, Keokuk
7. Ernie Derr, Keokuk
8. Dave Chase
9. Gerry Harrison, Topeka, Kan.
10.Don Hoffman, Des Moines

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