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Spaulding wins race at DuQuoin on final lap

DuQuoin, Ill. (July 4, 1971) – Wib Spaulding overtook Jerry Blundy on the 50th and final lap to win the DuQuoin Super Modified Blockbuster 50 before 4,600 race fans on Sunday afternoon.

The Granite City, Ill., resident walked away with $1,500 including a bonus of $300 for being the fastest qualifier in Saturday afternoon’s time trials.

Crowd favorite Chuck Amati of Greenfield, Tenn., jumped to a big lead over Bubby Jones, Bob Kinser, Spalding and Blundy early in the contest.

On the 10th lap Blundy passed Spaulding and Kinser for third place and ran behind Amati and Jones for several laps. Amati, formerly of Freeman Spur, Ill., opened up a 12 second lead over third place Blundy after 15 laps before the yellow caution flag was waved on lap 16. Blundy and Spaulding moved into second and third respectively behind Amati on lap 28 before a yellow flag on the 31st round.

They both passed Amati on the back straightaway of lap 32 and increased their distance from the rest of the field. Spaulding ran at Blundy's heels the rest of the race before catching him on the inside down the back straightaway of the final lap.

The victory was Spaulding's first victory and reportedly Blundy's first loss in one mile dirt track competition.

“I believe Blundy just ran out of fuel on that last lap,” Spaulding said after the race. “I had tried all along to get him on the inside but couldn't. I wasn't holding anything back for that last lap.”

“I’ll be back next year for sure,” a smiling Spaulding said from victory lane.

Results –

Trophy Dash – Bubby Jones, Danville, Ill.
1st Heat – Bill Utz, Sedalia, Mo.
2nd Heat – Jerry Blundy, Galesburg, Ill.

Consolation –

1. Tom Custer, Peoria, Ill.
2. Buzz Gregory, Speedway, Ind.
3. Wes Stafford, Vincennes, Ind.
4. Bobby Brooker, Clinton, Ind.
5. Hal Minyard, Speedway, Ind.


1. Wib Spaulding, Granite City, Ill.
2. Jerry Blundy, Galesburg, Ill.
3. Chuck Amati, Greenfield, Tenn.
4. Bubby Jones, Danville, Ill.
5. Jerry Miller, Speedway, Ind.
6. Hal Minyard, Speedway, Ind.
7. Wes Stafford, Vincennes, Ind.
8. Bob Sitz, Decatur, Ill.
9. Jackie Cook, McKenzie, Tenn.
10. Bobby Brooker, Clinton, Ind.
11. Tom Custer, Peoria, Ill.
12. Larry Kirkpatrick, Wood River, Ill.
13. Bob Kinser, Bloomington, Ind.
14. Buck Buckley, Kennett Square, Pa.
15. Gene Henson, Paris, Ill.
16. Dennis Ervin, Harrisburg, Pa.
17. Bill Burks, Marion, Ill.
18. Buzz Gregory, Speedway, Ind.
19. Cliff Blundy, Galesburg, Ill.
20. Frank Kurmucha, Murphysboro, Ill.

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