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1966 - Dake won't be ready for first Stock Car test

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (April 24, 1966) - The first regional division in the history of the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) will open the season next weekend with Davenport’s Mississippi Valley fairgrounds the scene of the action Friday night, April 29, and Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids, Saturday night, April 30.

Most drivers will probably be happy to know defending champion Darrell Dake of Cedar Rapids will not be ready for either opening night. “I just don't see how I can make it,” Dake said. “I've been really busy building cars for other drivers all winter, and right now, I'm about two weeks from finishing my own.”

“I'll just have to spot ‘em a few races,” Dake chuckled.

IMCA race promoter Homer Melton stated that he's had nearly 60 IMCA late model modified license applications, which would certainly indicate that there will be a larger field of cars than ever before. All of the top contenders plus many new faces will be in the lineup next weekend.

Red Droste, former stock car champion from Waterloo, will be testing a new idea in modified stock cars. His 1957 modified Chevrolet convertible will feature an automatic transmission.

“I tried it out a couple of weeks ago in Oklahoma City,” Droste said, “and I was very satisfied with the performance.”

Jerry Mabie of Cedar Rapids, now in his sophomore season, will be driving a 1965 Chevrolet powered by a 427 cubic inch engine. Bill Zwanziger of Waterloo will return in a 1964 Ford convertible; Mert Williams of Rochester, Minn., in the same 1956 Pontiac; Charlie Moffit of Stanwood in the same 1957 Plymouth; Jerry Reinhart in a 1964 Ford, a car driven on the USAC late model circuit last season by Bay Darnell; and Roy Pearson of Cedar Rapids is in the 1959 Plymouth that John Connolly drove last season. Connolly earlier announced he’d be driving the 1961 G & H Racing Ford.

A partial entry list for Cedar Rapids and Davenport;

1. Bill Zwanziger, Waterloo, ‘64 Ford
2. Rick McDole, Davenport, ‘56 Ford
3. Lyle Baney, Davenport, ‘56 Ford
4. Charlie Moffitt, ‘57 Plymouth
5. Darrell Dake, Cedar Rapids, ‘63 Ford
6. Shorty Bennet, Rock Island, ‘57 Chevy
7. Ernie Speth, Davenport, ‘51 Ford
8. Del Williams, East Moline, ‘51 Chevy
9. Ray Guss, Moline, ‘57 Chevrolet
10. Jim Strube, Peoria, Ill., ‘65 Chevrolet
11. Jim Baker, Davenport, ’63 Ford
12. Jack Lueth, Davenport, ‘57 Ford
13. Red Droste, Waterloo, '57 Chevrolet
14. Tom Hughes, Monticello, ‘64 Ford
15. Dean Montgomery, Milan, ’64 Chevy
16. Verlin Eaker, Cedar Rapids, ‘65 Dodge
17. Ben Hofer, Rock Island, ‘57 Chevrolet
18. Jerry Reinhart, East Moline, ‘64 Ford
19. Lloyd Caldwell, Milan, Ill, ‘56 Chevy
20. Al Terrell, Davenport, ‘56 Chevrolet
21. Jerry Mabie, Cedar Rapids, ‘65 Chevy
22. Buzz McCann, St. Paul, Minn., ‘64 Ford
23. Bud Price, Davenport, '64 Buick
24. Jim Gerber, Mt. Joy, Ill., '64 Dodge
25. Lee Kunzman, Guttenberg ‘66 Chevy
26. Ralph Heinzman, Guttenberg, ‘57 Chevy
27. John Beauchamp, Atlantic, ‘65 Plymouth
28. Mert Williams, Rochester, Minn., ’56 Pontiac
29. Ron Weedon, Davenport, ‘63 Ford
30. Roy Pearson, Cedar Rapids, ‘59 Plymouth
31. Jiggs Seymour, Davenport, ‘61 Ford
32. John Connolly, Delhi, ‘61 Ford.
33. Bill McDonough, Cedar Rapids, ’66 Chevrolet
34. Jim Higham, Cedar Rapids, ‘57 Ford

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