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1977 – Senneker Sweeps at Interstate

Bob Senneker

West Salem, Wis. (June 5, 1977) – Bob Senneker of Dorr, Mich., brought his Bluebird ’76 Camaro to the La Crosse Interstate Speedway for the third annual Dr. Pepper 100 and made the 900-mile trip work to his advantage as he won both legs of the twin 50-lap features.

Nekoosa’s Marv Marzofka finished second in both features.

Joe Shear of South Beloit, Ill., was the day’s fast timer but he experienced tire problems in both features and finished well off the pace. Wausau’s Larry Detjens won the trophy dash but dropped out of the first 50 with tire problems and the second race with a blown engine.

John Speer of Janesville edged Jim Johnson of Bangor for first place in the 20-lap semi-feature as the two battled side-by-side.

Results –

Time trials – Joe Shear, South Beloit, Ill. (20.48)
Trophy dash – Larry Detjens, Wausau
Heat #1 – Steve Holzhausen, Bangor
Heat #2 – Jim Johnson, Bangor
Semi-main – John Speers, Janesville

Feature #1 –

1. Bob Senneker, Dorr, Mich.
2. Marv Marzofka, Nekoosa
3. Ed Howe, Beaverton, Mich.
4. Jim Pierson, Janesville
5. Jerry Eckhardt, Lake Mills
6. Jim Back, Vesper
7. Joe Shear
8. Tom Reffner, Rudolph
9. Mike DeMars, Minneapolis
10.Bruce Sparrman, Excelsior, Minn.
11.Fred Bender, Sun Prairie
12.Larry Detjens
13.Jim Sauter, Necedah
14.Dick Trickle, Wisconsin Rapids
15.Bob Jusola, Centuria
16.Pete Mahlum, Onalaska
17.Mike Miller, Wisconsin Rapids
18.Pat Griffin, Galesville
19.Steve Arndt, Janesville
20.Don Grant, Dresbach, Minn.

Feature #2 –

1. Bob Senneker
2. Marv Marzofka
3. Jim Sauter
4. Fred Bender
5. Tom Reffner
6. Bob Jusola
7. Jerry Eckhardt
8. Everett DeWitt
9. Ralph Bakewell, La Crosse
10.Pat Griffin
11.Pete Mahlum
12.Jim Back
13.Joe Shear
14.Larry Detjens
15.Ed Howe
16.Mike DeMars
17.Jim Pierson
18.Steve Arndt
19.Bruce Sparrman
20.Dick Trickle

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