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1975 - Weedon an easy winner at West Liberty races

West Liberty, Iowa (July 5, 1975) - Ron Weedon of Pleasant Valley took the lead midway through the race and then walked away from the field for a feature racing triumph here Saturday night.

Weedon worked his way past West Liberty’s Mel Morris, who had led from the start, two laps after a multi-car pileup in turns three and four. From that point he had clear sailing to the checkered flag, but the next three positions were hotly contested.

Darrell Dake of Cedar Rapids finished ahead of Morris in the feature race and also placed ahead of him in a heat race to take the point standings lead - the first time anyone other than Morris has led this year.

Dake now has 2,740 points to 2,650 for Morris, while Mike Niffenegger has 2,005, Fred Horn 1,985, Ron Weedon 1,725 and John Connolly 1,705. Niffenegger had the night’s fastest time, while Jim Gerber, Larry Jenkins and Jim Strube got heat wins and Ray Guss won the semi-main.

Jack Hall of Muscatine won the sportsman feature after earlier winning a heat race. The other heat went to Ken DeGood, while Paul Dickey copped the semi-main.

The sportsman feature race also was halted after a three-car pileup that occurred after Mike Thiecker’s gas tank split open, spilling gas on the track.

Results - 

Late Model –

1. Ron Weedon, Pleasant Valley
2. Mike Niffenegger, Kalona
3. Darrell Dake, Cedar Rapids
4. Mel Morris, West Liberty
5. Ron Prymek, Iowa City
6. Jim Strube, Peoria, Ill.
7. Ed Mellecker, Iowa City
8. Larry Rummelhart, Riverside
9. Larry Jenkins, Wilton
10. Ray Guss, Milan, Ill.
11. Gail Brenner, Wilton
12. Dave Birkhofer, Muscatine

Sportsman –

1. Jack Hall, Muscatine
2. Bill Douglass, West Liberty
3. Tom Rock, Atalissa
4. Gene Hearst, Muscatine
5. Steve Becker, Norway
6. Russ Wieland, Riverside
7. Roy Reece, Iowa City
8. Ken DeGood, Hills

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