Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1969 – Renshaw Robbed by Tattersall

Davenport, Iowa (July 22, 1969) – Bob Tattersall won the opening night of a six-night swing for the USAC midgets as he took the lead from Bill Renshaw on lap 22 and soared home to victory. Renshaw, driving the best race of his career, was the early leader and enjoyed a three-car length lead for awhile.

The night was full of action as the super midgets appeared 36 strong. Feature action started on the second lap as Chuck Amati went of the bank and Sonny Ates and Les Scott were locked bumper to bumper in a scramble of cars.

Bill Renshaw was leading the event and really moving with Merle Bettenhausen following and Tattersall along with Bill Englehart beginning a great battle. Chuck Weyant was on the move along with Mel Kenyon from the back of the pack.

The real battle for the first 20 laps was between Renshaw, Tattersall, Bettenhausen and Englehart. Tattersall was in second on lap 15 after a great battle with Merle. Englehart was always pressing throughout.

Lee Kunzman sailed off the embankment early in the race as Clark Templeman headed to the pits. At the halfway mark it was Renshaw with Tattersall pressing. Bettenhausen and Englehart fought for third and Weyant was up to fourth with Dave Strickland right behind. Don Vogler and Mel Kenyon had a good battle going behind Strickland as Larry Rice, Bruce Moore and Mel Cornett trailed.

Steve Troxell retired as did Templeman and they were followed to the pits by Rice, Cornett, and Vogler.

Tattersall took the lead and sailed to victory, never getting far from Renshaw. Bill Englehart caught and overtook Merle Bettenhausen for third and Weyant finished fifth. Mel Kenyon got by Strickland with only a few laps to go to take sixth and Dick Jones and Bruce Moore rounded out the running field.

Chuck Weyant won the first heat in grand style as he set a new 8-lap record of 2 minutes and 5.77 seconds. Les Scott, driving the Turner Offy, led every lap in winning the second heat. Sonny Ates took the lead from Bill Englehart on lap three to win the third heat. Bill Renshaw sailed by Dave Strickland for the lead to take the fourth heat.

Results –

Fast Time: Dave Strickland (15.21)
Trophy Dash: Bob Tattersall
Heat One: Chuck Weyant
Heat Two: Les Scott
Heat Three Sonny Ates
Heat Four: Bill Renshaw
Semi: Les Scott


  1. Bob Tattersall
  2. Bill Renshaw
  3. Bill Englehart
  4. Merle Bettenhausen
  5. Chuck Weyant
  6. Mel Kenyon
  7. Dave Strickland
  8. Dick Jones
  9. Bruce Moore
  10. Don Vogler
  11. Mel Cornett
  12. Larry Rice
  13. Steve Troxell
  14. Clark Templeman
  15. Lee Kunzman
  16. Sonny Ates
  17. Les Scott
  18. Chuck Amati

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