Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1970 - West is SIRA winner

by Ida May Van Gendren
Oskaloosa, Iowa (May 20, 1970) - Pokey West captured the Super Stock feature last night at races held here on the Southern Iowa Fairgrounds oval.

In fact, the West Chester driver didn’t stop at just one race. He also won the trophy dash and the first heat race.

In the main event, West took the lead in the second turn of the first lap and held it the full 15 laps to victory. Coming in a close second was Ron Hemsted of Lone Tree. Mark Mosier of Washington and George Barton of Ankeny were third and fourth respectively.

The red flag was flown twice during the main. The first time before one lap had been completed. Phil Reese of Des Moines lot it coming out of the fourth turn and broad slid his car, crashing through the pit fence.

The red came out again on the seventh lap when Bob Bonzer of Liscomb lost his right front tire and rode the fence between the first and second turns. Neither driver was injured in the mishaps.

West took over the lead from Mike Brooks of Hartford on the white flag lap to take home the trophy dash.

Pokey then held off a hard challenging Ron Hemsted to cop the first eight-lap heat race.

Ron Perdock of Washington grabbed the lead at the start and held it all the way to win the second eight-lap heat race. Ron Hutcherson made his final bid and edged put Phil Reese by only a few niches to place second. The race was restarted on the first lap when Mel Morris and John Moss tangled on the second turn and Ed Pilcher of Ottumwa dropped his drive shaft at the start.

Joel Rasmussen of Ames whipped his super stock around the oval to win the third eight-lap heat ahead of Bob Bonzer.

The six-lap Australian Pursuit was won by Ron Hemsted. The drivers were turning laps in the 22-second bracket as they fought their bumper to bumper battle.

John Moss won the 10-lap consolation race. Jerry Roberts of Prairie City finished second.

Results –

Trophy Dash: Pokey West, West Chester
First Heat: Pokey West
Second Heat: Ron Perdock, Washington
Third Heat: Joel Rasmussen, Ames
Australian Pursuit: Ron Hemsted, Lone, Tree
Consolation: John Moss, Iowa City

  1. Pokey West
  2. Ron Hemsted
  3. Mark Mosier, Washington
  4. George Barton, Ankeny
  5. John Moss
  6. Ron Perdock
  7. Joel Rasmussen
  8. Marvin Korns, Brooklyn

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