Saturday, October 20, 2012

1963 - Jim Cushman Winner at Centennial 400

Jim Cushman

Ona, W.Va. (October 20, 1963) - An estimated crowd of 8,500 watched as Jim Cushman of Columbus, Ohio, barreled his 1961 Plymouth to victory only three seconds ahead of Bobby Watson of Louisville, Ky., in a 1964 Ford.

Yesterday’s 400-lap, 150-mile race was sanctioned by MARC (Midwest Association for Race Cars), which becomes ARCA on November 1.

Cushman averaged about 62.7 miles per hour as the pace was slowed by wreck and a light rain in the late stages of the race. On lap 397, Wayne Kaufman's 1962 Pontiac careened off the wall, lost a manifold and spread oil on the turn leading into the main straightaway.

Cushman, a veteran driver, fought off a half-dozen challengers and a judges' decision when Watson protested the outcome.

Watson claimed he was leading Cushman by a fraction of a lap at the finish. But a recheck of scorecards showed Cushman the bona fide winner and Watson settled for second place. Cushman collected $1,500 for first place and Watson received $1,000.

A jam-packed field of 40 cars started the race but minor wrecks and mechanical troubles eliminated 24 of those 16 cars finished the race.

Jack Shanklin of Indianapolis was third driving a 1962 Mercury and Ken Reiter of Louisville finished fourth in a 1964 Ford. MARC champion Jack Bowsher of Springfield, Ohio, was fifth in a 1962 Ford.

Results –

1. Jim Cushman, Columbus, Ohio
2. Bobby Watson, Louisville, Ky.
3. Jack Shanklin, Indianapolis, Ind.
4. Ken Reiter, Louisville, Ky.
5. Jack Bowsher, Springfield, Ohio
6. Virgil Barbee, Detroit, Mich.
7. Don Arnold, Paintsville, Ky.
8. Stu Shouse, Louisville, Ky.
9. Keith Ploughe, Indianapolis, Ind.
10. Clyde Parker, Detroit, Mich.
11. Elmer Davis, Jeffersonville, Ind.
12. Charlie Glotzbach, Louisville, Ky.
13. Doug Easton/John Russell, Louisville, Ky.
14. Andy Hampton, Louisville, Ky.
15. Em Ruebush, Dayton, Ohio
16. Dick Passwater, Indianapolis, Ind.
17. Ken Julian, Detroit, Mich.
18. Wayne Kaufman, Burton, Ohio
19. LeMarr Marshall, Louisville, Ky.
20. George Swope, Louisville, Ky.

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