Friday, October 22, 2010

1966 - End over end to the finish for Dake

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette - June 3, 1966

Darrell Dake recalled the time he flipped his car while racing in Jacksonville, Ill. "The track was in terrible shape," he said. "and there were such big, deep holes in the corners, you couldn't pass there.

"However, I was running third with a good chance to still win the race so I decided to try and pass on this one curve. I hit the hole and it was so deep in, my bumper caught on the front of the hole and dug in. It flipped me perfectly end over end."

"I lit right-side up and kept on driving, never losing my position. I ended up taking third-place money that evening. At the pay shack, I told the promoter I ought to collect double for finishing the race and providing the fans a thrill show."

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