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1966 – Stott Roars to Shreveport Win

Ramo Stott accepts his trophy from race promoter Frank Winkley after winning the 100-lap IMCA stock car feature at State Fair Speedway. – Bill Causey Jr. Photo

Shreveport, La. (October 23, 1966) – A colorful Iowa driver who is frequently occupied with a needle and a sewing machine for work on his uniforms when not busy at his Keokuk, Iowa, garage, scored his 14th victory of the season in International Motor Contest Association competition on Sunday afternoon, driving his 1966 Plymouth to victory in the 100-lap feature at the Louisiana State Fair Speedway.

Stott, a handsome and soft-spoken Iowan, is engaged in a national point battle with Ernie Derr, also of Keokuk, Iowa, who finished second in the feature.

Stott grabbed a world 5-lap record of 2 minutes and 7.72 seconds in the trophy dash and he established a new State Fair mark for 10 laps with a time of 4 minutes and 27.68 seconds during a preliminary race.

“I didn’t feel assured of victory until I saw the checkered flag,” commented Stott. “I feel quite lucky because a week ago I didn’t even know if I was going to race here.”

Stott had wrecked his regular car recently in Minnesota. Last week, Ray Nichels of Highland, Ind., contacted Stott and offered a Plymouth normally driven by USAC regular Paul Goldsmith.

“I think my regular car handles a bit better but this one’s a fine car.”

Stott was the early leader for the first five laps. Derr charged ahead in his 1966 Dodge on the sixth lap right at the start/finish line. Der would lose his lead on lap 37 when he made his mandatory pit stop. Stott did not pit until lap 59.

One observer made the comment that pit stops made all the difference in the outcome of the event. Stott pitted on the east side of the track, just past the start/finish lime while Derr pitted on the west side of the track. By pitting on the east side, Stott had extra time to gather speed to protect his lead.

Derr commented after his pit stop, he experienced brake issues which slowed his pace.

Stott set his track record in the first heat, winning over Lenny Funk of Otis, Kan. Derr won the second heat after taking the lead from Larry Phillips of Springfield, Mo., on the eighth lap.

Stott won the trophy dash and Bob Perry won the 12-lap consolation.

Results –

1. Ramo Stott
2. Ernie Derr
3. Lenny Funk
4. Larry Phillips
5. Paul Feldner
6. Butch Hall
7. Jim Strube
8. Phil Cronin
9. Ken Christie
10.Bob Perry
11.Joe Melichar
12.Tom Roller
13.Tony Barcelona
14.Karl Stouffer
15.Bob Foster
16.Vic Elson
17.Dale Keeling
18.Jerry Wolland

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