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1981 – Detjens Sweeps Dells ARTGO Go

Larry Detjens won the ARTGO-sanctioned Midwest Championships at Dells Motor Speedway. - Stan Kalwasinski Photo

by Stan Kalwasinski

Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. (May 9, 1981) - Larry Detjens made a clean sweep of ARTGO Racing’s 10th annual Midwest Championships late model stock car special at Dells Motor Speedway on Saturday evening.

Detjens, a 36-year-old Wausau native, made off with both 50-lap features on the 1/3-mile paved oval in his 1981 Camaro.

He started the evening in second place in the ARTGO point standings and left with the point lead after his clean sweep.

Joe Shear, who started the evening as the ARTGO point leader, stayed in first place in the first 50-lapper until lap 33 when Detjens took command.

Detjens finished with a comfortable lead over Jim Sauter, Pat Schauer, Dick Trickle and Larry Schuler. Shear finished sixth.

In the second 50-lapper, Detjens took the lead on lap 37 and cruised from there.

Trailing Detjens at the finish were Sauter, Trickle, Schauer and Mike Miller.

Shear, who developed differential problems in the first contest, sat out the second race.

Detjens collected an extra $200 from ARTGO management for his clean sweep of the late model competition.

Results –

Feature #1 –

1. Larry Detjens
2. Jim Sauter
3. Pat Schauer
4. Dick Trickle
5. Larry Schuler
6. Joe Shear
7. Jim Weber
8. Kevin Stepan
9. Don James
10.Mike Miller

Feature #2 –

1. Larry Detjens
2. Jim Sauter
3. Dick Trickle
4. Pat Schauer
5. Mike Miller
6. Jim Weber
7. Frank Gawlinski
8. Alan Kulwicki
9. Wayne Lensing
10.John Knaus

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