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1971 - Earl Tice wins Boone feature race

Boone, Iowa (September 5, 1971) - A recent change to a bigger engine - a 427 cubic inch Chevrolet - paid off for Earl Tice, Ames, Sunday night as he won his first super late model feature of the year at the Boone Speedway.

Taking the lead from Dwight Engleen, Ogden, Tice held off challenges from Engleen and Gene Schattschneider, Algona, who took over second. Earlier in the season Tice had been running a 350 cubic inch engine in his Chevelle.

The weather changed the weekend of racing planned at the Boone oval. The regular Saturday night program was washed out by showers, and it was moved to Sunday night.

Denny Hovinga, Laurens, didn't have one of his better nights Sunday, but he ran strong enough to wrap up the season championship in points, beating out Schattschneider by 185 points.

Hovinga set the fast time of the night, 17.86 seconds, and Schattschneider was second. Hovinga was sixth in the trophy dash, with Schattschneider third. The Algona driver won his heat race, while Hovinga was seventh in the heat. Schattschneider also took the A-Main, while Hovinga was second in the B-Main. Schattschneider was second in the feature, with Hovinga fourth.

Tice also won his heat race, getting past another Ames driver, Rod Houge, in the number two turn of the next-to-last lap to take the lead. Another Ames driver, Del McDowall, was third, and Curt Houge, Rod's older brother, from Ames, was fifth. John Carlson, Ankeny, was fourth.

In the trophy dash Engleen jumped out into the lead early and held the groove to take that win, with McDowall running second.

The A-Main was the closest race of the night as Schattschneider worked his way from the tail-end of the pack to the front, taking the lead with a lap an a half to go. Carlson held the lead until that point. Also challenging him for the top spot were Greg Davis, Boone, Tice and McDowall, who finished third through fifth, respectively.

In the B-Main, Engleen took an early lead and won by a quarter of a lap. Hovinga jumped past Gary Lindgren, Ogden, in the final quarter of a lap to take second. Lindgren was driving an Ames car, the Star 60.

Results –

Fast Time – Denny Hovinga, Laurens, Iowa (17.86)
Trophy Dash – Dwight Engleen, Ogden, Iowa
Heat 1 – Earl Tice, Ames, Iowa
Heat 2 – Gene Schattschneider, Algona, Iowa
A-Main – Gene Schattschneider
B-Main – Dwight Engleen
Feature –

  1. Earl Tice
  2. Gene Schattschneider
  3. Dwight Engleen
  4. Denny Hovinga
  5. Arlo Dorenbush
  6. Greg Davis, Boone, Iowa

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