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1958 - Nelson Stacy Wins Dayton 500

John Marcum (l) presents Nelson Stacy with the trophy after winning the 1958 Dayton 500. - ARCA Racing Photo

Dayton, Ohio (September 14, 1958) - Nelson Stacy, Cincinnati, Ohio, piloted his 1957 Chevrolet to victory in the sixth annual Dayton 500 Sunday afternoon, after staving off repeated challenges by Darel Dieringer, Indianapolis, in a '57 Ford, who finished second.

An estimated 15,000 spectators saw the MARC sanctioned stock car race for new cars on the famed half-mile high-banked asphalt.

The 500 laps (270 miles, as track is several yards over a half- mile) were relatively accident-free and no injuries were sustained; however, several drivers asked for relief during the weary grind.

Jack Bowsher, Springfield, Ohio, '57 Ford was third; Dick Dunlevy, Dayton, Ohio, and Jack Shanklin, Indianapolis, co-pilots of 1957 Chevy was fourth and the Dudley Stacy '57 Chevy of Cincinnati, Ohio, with Bob James, the Dick Latham relief driving came in fifth.

Dudley became ill on 167th lap and Bob James took over while his car was getting a broken shock and U-bolt replaced. Several laps later James pitted the Stacy car and jumped back into his repaired mount and Dick Latham a non-starter took it the rest of the way, doing a fine job.

Nelson Stacy, on the pole gunned into the first lap lead with Dieringer coming from fourth to second - and for 339 laps it was a tremendous duel between the two. The lead changed between them an even dozen times with Dieringer in possession of a lap and a half lead when the right front tire “let go”.

On the pit stop Dieringer got tire, gas and oil but lost lead to Stacy by two laps, this he could not regain as Stacy kept the advantage to the checkered flag. Nearly exhausted Stacy received the huge trophy and cash in excess of $2,000 for his ride.

Shanklin, the 1957 winner, lead footed two cars out of action before relieving Dunlevy. His own racer went 60 laps and was in third place when a busted radiator couldn't be repaired. On lap 157
Willie Holt, Cincinnati, Ohio, running in fourth asked for relief and Shanklin took over shoving it into third place several laps later, but then pulled in with no oil pressure; and when Dunlevy asked for rest Shanklin was nominated.

Jack Farris, New Paris, Ohio, did not start the race, his engine going sour after making his successful qualifying run. Farris won the event in 1955 and 1956.

Iggy Katona, Lambertville, Mich., the 1953 winner, finished out of the first five. Twenty-eight cars started, 11 were running at the end. Tiny Shilts, New Paris, Ohio, in '57 Chevy was riding in 10th when forced out with a broken valve cover bolt on lap 282.

Results –

1.      Nelson Stacy
2.      Darel Dieringer
       3.      Jack Bowsher
4.      Dick Dunlevy
5.      Dudley Stacy
6.      Carl O’Harold
       7.      Iggy Katona
8.      Paul Wensink
9.      Harold Smith
10.  Clyde Parker
11.  Virgil Barbee
12.  John McGinley
13.  Homer Newland
14.  Bob Coutcher
15.  Louis Savajaine
16.  Tom Horner
17.  Tiny Shilts
18.  Willie Holt
19.  Chuck Morgan
20.  Bob James
21.  Chester Williams
22.  Cecil Wray
23.  Kenny Reeder
24.  Ervin Payne
25.  Jack Shanklin

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