Monday, December 13, 2010

1967 - Al Miller: On Racing

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (December 13, 1967) - Just a few thoughts with Christmas nearing and the New Year's just around the corner and – naturally – another auto racing season only a few short months away. 

Don't know how well dear old Santa will take care of the drivers, or if all will remember to make at least one sporty resolution for 1968, so we'll offer a few suggestions:

*Verlin Eaker wants a new car for Christmas - with turn signals.
*Charlotte Reinhart resolves to keep the faith! 

*No more feature losses for Ernie Derr - so he doesn't have to pout.
*Please, Santa, a bigger judge's stand at Hawkeye Downs so the drivers and crews will be more comfortable watching the races.
*Mert Williams resolves to obey turn signals.
*Art Pickart wants more dough for his public relations work.
*The drivers' committee wants an interpreter for Homer Melton's pre-race meetings.
*The All-Iowa fair board wants spectators.
*Arlo Becker resolves to leave flagmen alone.
*Flagmen resolve to leave Arlo Becker alone.
*Hawkeye Downs’ scorers want security police protection.
*Red Droste wants love.
*Fans resolve to wear their "I Love Red" buttons.
*Darrell Dake resolves to win for a change.
*Car owner Larry Ryan promises to relieve Art Pickart of publicity duties.
*Tom Hughes wants a muscle-building kit.
*Johnny Beauchamp wants a ride - period!
*Bill McDonough resolves to wait for the green flag.
*Paul Bonnett resolves to try, try again.
*Homer Melton wants to return.
*John Schlemmer wants to break even again.
*Chuck Janey resolves to come out charging.
*Dean Montgomery wants Bill McDonough to honor his resolution.
*Young Cliff Blundy wants another set of beads.
*Ramo Stott wants to be No. 1 for a change.
*Lenny Funk wants Dick Hutcherson to mind his own business.
*Frank Winkley resolves to keep his "cool".
*Tony Dean wants to be a flagman.
*Bill Fletcher wants his official pace car back.
*Ford Motor wants to hire Darrell Dake.
*Lee Kunzman resolves to replace Mario and A. J. - that's Luigi and Beck, who operate the Go-Kart track in Guttenberg.
*Flagman Nick Nachicas wants a softer job.
*A membership in the "Keokuk Komets" club for Lem Blankenship. 

*Bill Zwanziger resolves to play "Follow the Redhead".
*Benny Hofer resolves to win a feature in 1968.
*Joe Lehman wants a brochure on racecar investments.
*Bob Hilmer wants bodywork on his "Dysart Destroyer".

We want to wish all a Merry Christmas and the best of racing seasons in 1968!

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  1. My great uncle was Nick Nachicas. I googled his name on a whim and landed here. What a great Christmas present - to find his name floating around the web and remembered here. Thank you!